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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ooh! It drives me crazy!

Crazy Suna
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You probably are hoping for a report of my first day on the job. I would like to be reporting that to you. But, nooooo, after asking how soon I could start, and indicating I'd be starting early this week, the new ALE folks say the person in charge of me will be out of town the rest of the week, so I can't come in until Monday. That made me put on my Zoolander face, as depicted in the picture!

Oh well, I will enjoy a few more days off to do errands, knit and enjoy the kids. The boys and I went to Goodwill and the outlet mall yesterday, and I enjoyed spending time with them, and enjoyed getting a few new work tops and pants. I got Tuba Boy a new wallet, since he now regrets putting purple duct tape on the last nice wallet I got him (aww, my baby is growing up). And I got him a pair of sunglasses to wear in the car, which he really needed. Beccano just followed along and was silly. We enjoyed listening to a crazy CD, Gogol Bordello. Wow, if you haven't heard this zany band of Pirate Gypsies, give them a try. They play music derived from European folk music (like gypsie stuff) but the singing sounds like Popeye the Sailor, and the lyrics are decidedly modern, mostly political commentary. Quite a hoot! I love having all this new music introduced to me, and Tuba Boy really likes some interesting stuff.

I took Beccano to his guitar lesson again, since Lee was in his third interview at the time (all that interviewing wiped him out, too). There's one Indian family who shows up when I am there every week, and the mother talks loudly on the phone in Hindi, and lets the kids who are not in lessons run wild in the music shop, touching everything, playing hide and seek, and drumming on the drum kit. Well, today she left and the dad showed up. He was like, "Stop running, stop touching things, sit down--this is not a place for that sort of thing!" Go Dad! I really like the Indian lady who comes after them, who has cute, well behaved kids and is very friendly and fun to talk to. I may have mentioned her a few weeks ago, as we had a good conversation about the hair characteristics of various ethnicities. I figure guitar lessons are good. Any chance to meet new people is a good thing, and I have had some fun conversations waiting on Beccano.

And his guitar playing is improving SO much. His teacher is great. Yesterday he was messing around on Lee's acoustic guitar, and, sigh. It sounded like a CD, or one of the adults I know. A beautiful tone, phrasing and line. He later said he'd like to get an acoustic, too. That made me really happy. I could listen to him play around on that all day! His electric stuff is good, but like any young guitarist, he spends lots of time trying to see what weird noises he can get it to make!

I was hoping to have lunch tomorrow with my old and dear friend who is the state head honcho of the Dysfunctional Nonprofit Organization, since she will be on her way to the state conference (SIGH, I miss those). But, it looks like she will have a passenger, so we won't be able to really talk about our lives (she's a therapist, so we usually go deep into our personal issues, and it is usually very helpful). Darn, we really have to see each other more often. I wish someone going to the conference could put on a button that says, "Suna says HI" or something. It would be so much easier to put that whole organization behind me if I hadn't made such good friends.

Ahh, well. There, a little slice of my life. We are hopeful that at least one of the jobs Lee interviewed for yesterday will work out, so keep us in your thoughts!

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Tina said...

Gogol Bordello is an amazing band - SO happy to hear Beccano found out about them, had I thought about it, I would have suggested them that time we went to Chez Zee.

Think you'll be up for the Wheatsville/farmer's Market trip Saturday morning?