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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jobly Update

Pug Up Close
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Hee hee, hope the ugly dog photo doesn't scare you away. Scrunchy tends to lie around with his tongue hanging out a lot, and Beccano likes to capture the moments.

Just a quick job update note. I did get invited to teach MS Office to state workers, the job that is 3-4 days a week with no guarantees. It will be money coming in, and should start next week, so I am going to do it, at least for a while.

I still haven't heard from the "good job" place, but did get a call from the recruiter about the contract jobs. I am the #1 candidate, but they have to interview someone else just in case. And that makes sense, knowing how I tend to flake out on contracts when a real job shows up. At this point, though, if I got the contract to work with the nice folks, I might go ahead and take it.

That's all from here. Lee's last day at his job is tomorrow, and they gave him a very nice farewell lunch yesterday, even giving him a certificate of appreciation. He also got himself a nice present, a lovely bass guitar, hand made by an expert craftsman in Mexico. It is serial number 6, which makes me think when this dude is famous, the guitar will be worth a lot! The thing is gorgeous. And wow does it play. I will enjoy looking at it and listening to it for years. Good thing we can still get stuff, now that money is going to come in.

More later, I hope.


Dragonfly said...

glad you have something with money coming but I hope the good job calls!

Sam said...

YAY!! SO glad to hear to happy job news. I love the idea that you are now in a place to choose if something else comes up that you want but that you will at least be able to breathe a little bit!