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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun Things!

I am getting into the wedding spirit, I think. Either that or my “love language” is gifts, because I was really touched to get a wedding gift in the mail yesterday, and happy as a little kid. Remember a few weeks ago when I went to the fancy shopping center to get undergarments and I drooled over a purse at the Brighton store? Well, a blog reader saw that and found the purse and sent it to me. See how cute it is? (By the way, it is a large coin purse, not some giant thing, which you can't tell by the picture.) And its name is Roselie (hey that’s a mixture of my dog’s and my man’s names). I wrote the sender a rather ecstatic thank-you note. Then, after I calmed down and took Beccano to his guitar lessons, I looked inside the purse. There was more! She had inserted a (safely preserved) four-leaf clover from her own property and a really cool English copper penny, which I guess I could put in my shoe, but it would probably make me hobble down the labyrinth.

Anyway, I am just tickled pink (or rose) to have my red rose purse. It is so NOT something I’d get myself, and since we are asking for practical home-improvement wedding gifts (registering at Home Depot should give people a clue) or being perfectly happy with nothing at all (your presence is my present, I say!), I really don’t expect a lot off foo-foo personal gifts. This one was plenty! I have had a smile on my face for 24 hours, even with all the other stressors going on.

I am going to try to concentrate on all the fun stuff in the next few weeks. Please remind me of that if I start stressing out. I am already messing up my knitting, which is a bad sign for Suna!

And I am being ambiguous! I posted on Facebook that I was packing up my office today. Well, I knew what I meant, but I panicked a bunch of friends. No, I wasn’t fired again (please, not that!). We are just moving to the other end of the building, in what looks to be a nice, quiet, sunny locale. I will try to be more straightforward in what I say in those cryptic little status notes! My office does look pretty sad, though. One good thing is that my plants are still out, since I will be moving them myself, along with the vitally important candy dish Big Bowl of Self Esteem!

It’s weird to have to move on Friday, because that’s the day of the big Halloween event at work. We will all be in costume at our desks full o’ boxes. There will be chili to judge and dessert to eat. I am making cornbread, since contractors can’t participate in the chili contest. Sigh. I hope I have time, since I also have to work on Tuba Boy’s debate tournament stuff. Tomorrow will be busy. As will Friday. I got the band kids some stuff (shh, don’t tell, Parker) but I hope to get more. At least having to be at the football game MAY break Beccano of the habit of wanting to trick-or-treat with his very tall pals like they did last year.

Well, I gots to go buy stain for the front door, the last project of the home improvement festival. I hope to see a beautiful front patio when I get home today!

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Dragonfly said...

That is a beautiful purse! What a wonderful surprise!