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Friday, October 10, 2008

Life Is Lifelike

Things are good. Kids got school pictures this week, but Beccano didn't like his, so I am letting him get them re-done. They looked sorta like the photo at left, which is by a color guard member. Love his new side part. The rest of the photos in here are random ones of him doing band activities, stolen from his friends. OK, I actually told one of them I was doing it. Naturally, no names will be given for anyone in the pictures, to protect them!

It seems that one of Beccano's hobbies is sneaking behind people in pictures and sticking his precious head into the shot. So the last photo is an example of that extra-special trait. The other kid in the photo just turned 16. Man, even the little kids are growing up now!
Things are still quite good on the home front. Last night was yet another Thursday football game. Luckily, the kids had the day off and "only" had a two-hour band practice at the Palace at 10 am today. The band's looking better, anyway, but the football team is not. Nonetheless, the footballers won. Even though they allowed the other team to run with impunity and could not sack the quarterback (allowing him to frolic in the backfield shaking off defenders for what seemed like hours), and despite the fact that one field goal and two extra points failed, they managed to score more points than the other team (which I have to say, looked better). Never fear, next week we play the dreaded Stony Point. A team with no kicking, a defensive line that doesn't kick in until the 4th quarter, and an injured first-string QB (I forgot that part) will not be able to beat the best team in the District! But, it'll be fun. We'll just enjoy their band show, even though we will also see it at UIL (that is the contest that counts) and Festival of Bands.
Enough high school football highlights (it was probably enough after sentence one of the previous paragraph). I know you are way more interested in wedding shopping! (The rest of the readership now flees.) Suzanne and I had a way good time at the Domain Land of Expensive Shopping on Wednesday afternoon. I managed to buy one shirt for myself at Macy's for only $22, and it is a great white ruffled shirt with built-in vest. It will be my one fashionable item of the season. And I got a nice bracelet at Brighton, while she bought an entire charm bracelet. Cute, though. What I really wanted was a rose-shaped coin purse that would have made the nicest wedding accessory/souvenier, but, well, I just couldn't do it. Nor could I buy the extremely lovely gold chain with tiny garnets sprinkled on it from Nieman Marcus. It was $1800 for what I know was less than $5 worth of cute li'l garnets and some nice, but not that weighty gold. Sigh. It would have looked good with the dress, though.

What I did get were (wow, exciting!) a Wedding Wonder Bra to fill out the dress and some Spanx to fill me into the dress. The latter I did get at Neiman's, which means I have a snazzy souvenir bag. Suzanne and I looked a long time at really fancy dresses, though. I touched one that was over $3K. The details and workmanship were amazing, but well, I just couldn't do it. I wish I knew more wealthy people so I could at least look at that stuff sometimes.

It was fun shopping anyway and pretending to search for a yellow or gold dress for Susan to wear at the wedding. I will let her go get one at a more reasonable shopping center, however!! As for me, it's back to Kohl's and Penneys! Maybe if permanent work comes, I can hit Chico's and Coldwater Creek again, LOL. On the other hand, the economy tells me to wear my old clothing, darn it.

I've had some encouraging news at work, so I am feeling good about it, and I think Lee is settling in well at his new position. We are even going to go out to eat tonight to celebrate mutual employment. I will try to invite more people to the wedding (like church folks who don't read the email list there) and send out written invites to my dad's friends and family.

On another note, please send healing vibes to my friend's daughter, Ashley, who had brain surgery this week and has a lot of recovering to do. She is just a senior in high school, a beautiful cheerleader, and this is just going to be hard for her, as well as for her mother, who is a very dear human being and deserves any kind thoughts you can direct her way.

PS: I learned on Facebook that October 21 will be National Talk Like Sarah Palin Day. Now, by golly, that sounds like some fun, you betcha!


Dragonfly said...

whenever I am low on blog reading time I always save yours in blog reader for when I have time to soak it in. Which means I'm always way behind and playing catch-up

The wedding shopping sounds great!

sandy said...

Open the box from Vermont when it gets there on Thursday the 30th.