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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Ordered Flowers and Went to the Bank

Sounds dull, doesn’t it? And since I can't access Flickr, I can't even try to put a nice image on this entry. But, actually it was a most educational foray into the New Way Things Are.

So, yeah, as the kids would say, I went out into the world at lunch today. I had planned to order some flowers for the wedding ceremony and put a check for my fine web design work in the bank. Simple.

First, I drove to my favorite florist. A guy was painting the building. No problem, guys are painting my house right now, and that just means it will look better. But, he toothlessly told me, the store is gone. Victim of the economy. So, I trundled farther down the road to the next florist, the one across from the Other High School, which is at least that much closer to the church. They were open, but a bit weird. At least the lady seemed to understand my needs for dark red and gold, and noted that I am not against sparkly ribbon. I am to go purchase my own vase and bring it in, and they will put flowers in it. That is at least more economical than buying some el cheapo florist vase. And, actually, my simple 6-rose bouquet with some gold "stuff" in it won't cost too much. That's good, considering the number of boutonnieres and corsages I am ordering.

I looked around at downtown Round Rock, Texas. Wow, half the businesses I used to go to are gone. Even the auto repair places. It was very sad. It is such a cute downtown area, too.

So, I sadly re-crossed the Interstate and went to a branch of my bank to put a check in. It's easy, you'd think. But, no, you have to run a gamut of enthusiastic bank employees practically begging you to do some banking. Like, put some money IN. I said something like, um, I am putting $200 whole dollars in, so let me pass. Then, the teller told me how cute his baby is and showed me his picture (that was the good part of the visit). Then he tried to sell me many credit card services. I escaped at last and as I went out 5 separate employees thanked me for coming, with desperate smiles frozen on their faces.

The hard times are making for some interesting experiences, I tell you.

And if I could, I'd show you some stuff about how we are boosting the economy, like Lee's fine "before" photo of our rotting trim that is being replaced by the fine product HardiePlank.* And the lovely colors that trim and it's accompanying new gutters on the sides and back of the house will be. We are also digging up the sad plants in the flower bed that gets no light and turning it into a patio that will be nice and shady in the summer. And finally painting the tall walls of the interior that Lee can't get to. As a bonus, they will clean the spider webs off the windows and let me clean the foyer light fixture, which has not been cleaned since we moved in, because we can't get to it. Eventually we WILL buy a very tall ladder, you betcha (that is my nod to Talk Like Sarah Palin Day, a thing I have been enjoying all too much today). I am so glad we can finally do this stuff--I really have had to put it off years longer than I would have liked, due to "hard times." I figure if more are coming, we'd better do stuff now.

*OK, I just looked this up on the web. This stuff is named after an Australian guy, James Hardie, not after the fact that it is "hardy." Very interesting product. Wood made from concrete. I must say that the siding on our house has lasted great. The wood trim, not so great. Thus, it will now be ALL made of this fine stuff.

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