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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a-Happenin'

Lots of stuff is happening right now. Mainly a lot of maintenance items that have needed doing but were put off when we were un- or under-employed.

For instance, my car, which strongly resembles the one in the photo at left, got four new tires and its 30,000 mile service yesterday. I'd been putting the tires off, though one had a slow leak. Well, that same tire ran over something and got a HUGE leak Wednesday, so it was no longer optional. And I realized as I was going to the place that the car had hit that milestone and needed to be serviced. So, I bit the bullet and got all those little maintenance things done. Wow, do they add up. But, I am relieved to have good tires again and to know the car is up-to-date at last on all its needed components. I want this car to last a LONG time.

Also, since we have the ability to do it right now and don't know when we will again, we are getting the house painted, trim replaced with longer lasting stuff, a new front patio and repairs to the front door. Oh, and the parts of the house interior that are too tall for us to reach will get painted, too. This is rather exciting for me, since I don't think I've ever actually been able to hire someone to do stuff to my house before, other than the roof I paid for last year and a guy that made a flower bed and planted some trees for us many years ago. Actual workers will come and do stuff, and we don't have to kill ourselves doing it. Since everyone's afraid of heights, I am pretty sure the trim would remain a mess forever, otherwise. Thank goodness Lee is able to help me out with this. It's such a relief to have a real partner again. Now when the time comes to sell the house, someone might actually want to buy it.

I've been getting other little things done, too, so I am feeling less worried and antsy than I was this time last week. There are just SO many wedding details, and while they are fun, they are simply very numerous. I just need to keep telling myself it won't be the end of the world if I don't have this thing or that thing, or forget to buy this present or that one. What counts is that we will all be together and enjoying ourselves at a nice, positive event.

There, what a pleasant post. All good things. It's homecoming, and it won't rain tonight, so that will be good for the kids, although we will lose--playing the best team in the District. I will enjoy looking at expensive mums and girls in cute dresses. This year I don't think anyone in the band will be homecoming queen or king, like has happened in recent years, but it should still be fun. And think of the band tomorrow--the big UIL thing is then, and we really hope they do well. They sure have practiced a lot, had lots of additional coaches come in and all that. I think Bec is really tired of his part--the pit sits around a lot.

Think of my dad, too. He managed to break his foot and not even know it. Stress fracture. Healing thoughts appreciated!

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Dragonfly said...

My mom frequently does the foot stress fracture. She usually figures it out when it hurts a bit and starts changing color. This boggles my mind that she can do this without realizing.