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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pilgrims with Swords and Other Oddities

I haven't had much to say lately. Been tired and bored of my life, but unable to make myself be exciting.

It's sorta like the Dancing Pilgrims in the kids' band routine. It just isn't exciting to see pilgrim girlies forming circles and leaping, though the incongruity of the fact that they also dance with guns and swords makes one ponder the realities of color guard routine requirements. The show is good. They play nice American music, and the color guard is good, too--in fact, they are the only part of the band that scored well enough for a trophy in the contest last Saturday. It just isn't fun, funny or exciting like some of the other routines were (like the kids with pink wigs whose drum majors had pink insides on their white gloves--they were cool, plus had an incredibly buff dude running through their routine). But I digress. We asked for this ourselves, by complaining so much that last year's show was too "weird" and "gimmicky" with the bed in the middle of the field. Well, not this year. It's a 100% standard no-frills marching show. Even the shirts (which we did, at least, get in time) are very bland.

Oh well, I'm just a follower, and I still enjoy the kids and the parents. So I will stick around.

Things are really fine, honest. I think we just are tired from doing too much, with wedding planning on top of all that. We did have a nice break where Lee and Beccano played music with his friend--the one he dreaded having over because she is "so, oh, you know" and "so much better at guitar." Well, she's good, but so is he, and yes, she sings well. They ended up having fun, and he actually played for her. She said she'd like him in her band! Woo! I like this kid, anyway. She is a bit energetic, but good with people. Will speak to adults, even. Comments on my Facebook page, LOL.

One issue that has led to me feeling a bit funky is lack of sleep. Dogs barking is the main issue (plus Lee was gone to his dad's and I don't sleep well without him), but now I think there is a darned squirrel or something in the attic. Lee went up and checked last night but didn't see it. Ugh. Critters. We NEED to get that trim on the house fixed--obviously there is a hole!

Exciting news is that Lee got a new camera, so there should be better photos in here soon. He got some great ones of flowers and such! I hope I will have time later in the week for more fun news. There is wedding shopping tomorrow! That should be fun!

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