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Monday, October 20, 2008

Helpful Voting Link

If you go here you can type in a bit of info and see an exact copy of your ballot for the November election. That will help you see if there is any race you need to check into, to make sure you vote for the right candidate. I always like being an informed voter, not just someone who toes the party line. Even if I mostly do that. I want to know who I am voting for.

Early voting starts today here. I think I will go do it Wednesday afternoon. That sounds like a potentially light time.

Yesterday the kids and I went to a local rally. It was fun to see my favorite candidate, the wonderful Diana Maldonado (will mean nothing for you unless you live in Texas State District 52). The kids and I got cool Obama t-shirts with his head in many colored squares, like a Warhol painting.

Don't forget to vote. This is the most important election, like, ever. Yes, I want ALL of you to vote. That's how we liberals are--respectful of everyone's right to the democratic process.


Des said...

I was having a very depressing conversation with someone who told me that early votes generally just get thrown away. Her mother works for the Board of Elections. It was so depressing I wanted to cry!

Lee said...

Luckily, that’s not the case here. Last time, more than 60% of the ballots were cast early, and the local governments encourage everyone to vote early to cut down on the long lines on election day. Apparently, their analysis showed that more than half of those who vote on election day show up in the last two hours before the polls close.