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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Deja vu, all over again

Gee, I remember writing this last December. "You are a great candidate, but we picked someone else who was just PERFECT." So, one down, and the job I had been hoping for most is history.

Apparently I impressed them with my background and how I "sold myself" (remember, the lady didn't ask many questions so I TOLD her how I would fit their job), so the recruiter claimed they are shopping my resume to other departments at this place. Yeah, ALE said that, too. I am so wonderful and such a good candidate, but just not quite good enough. My feeling is that someone who had worked at that company before and knew all their proprietary software systems (which, of course, I don't know, having never worked there) suddenly applied--because the recruiter seemed genuinely surprised at the development. I think they thought they had a sale in me.

Oh well, I looked all day and applied to a couple more things. The recruiting company said they'd work extra hard to find me something, too. I will endeavor to take her word for it.

Sigh. I sure hear a lot about what a great gal I am (and appreciate it when not depressed and weary). I just wish someone would compensate me for something I can do.

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