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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Interview reporting, Kid Stuff

This happy picture of my work team (with one extra crazed member) reminds me of what I lose on Friday. A really nice bunch of folks. We were posing for a crowd scene and practiced being happy, neutral and angry. They are all pretty funny. Aren't we all snappy dressers?

So, yes, I did two interviews today. The one scheduled for yesterday had been postponed. I sorta could tell they didn't have their heart in that one. I get the feeling they had already picked the other candidate and were just talking to me because they were supposed to. However, I had a lot of qualifications, so even though the interviewing lady didn't ask a lot of questions, I gave a lot of answers and explained my relevant experiences, just for the heck of it. That was the afternoon interview.
The morning one was marginally better, though equally short. It was just a screening interview, so I hope that what I did there was good enough to warrant an in-person one. The good thing about that job is they will decide soon, so I will not be in misery about either of these for very long. I'll look for more stuff tomorrow, I guess.

And I keep hoping something will work out at Dell, but now I really wonder if they like me as much as they said they did. I can't do much of that kind of thought process, though, because I am trying to be Ms. Positivity.

It's a little hard, though. Once again, Jeff lost out on a position, the one touring with a blues guitarist. He did come in second, though, out of a LOT of people. But as I learned at Dell in December, second doesn't get you food on the table. He had gotten bursitis from practicing so hard (or developed a convenient excuse to not to it, if you are cynical, but that was not my theory). Jeff still has an offer to work for his friends, and to stay at some house south of Austin for a few months. I will learn more about that later this evening.

And the Older Son is quitting lacrosse. That gives me mixed feelings, like I wish I had my damned money back from that pit of expensiveness. I really didn't like a lot that went on there, especially some of the junk some parents did, and the kids weren't real nice to Older Son (with notable exceptions of niceness). He does need exercise, so now it will be up to ME to sign us up for the community center so we can all exercise, assuming I develop cash flow. I need more exercise too, other than gardening and that nocturnal stuff, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Tonight was the Younger Son's pre-UIL (contest) concert. He did GREAT, including a song where he played cymbals non-stop the whole time. It was nice to see him have parts you could really hear in every song. He is so tall now. Sigh. The Older Boy's concert is Thursday. Keeps us busy, but the music is nice. The band sounded great.

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Sam said...

Hugs about the job stuff and vibes that the woman doing the interviewing realises that you are the MOST qualified person for the job and they offer it to you with a HUGE wage increase.

Just . . . hugs all around. You are an amazing spirit!