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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Little Entries Coming Up: Stray Dog

It was a busy weekend and a lot of interesting things happened, so I am going to post a bunch of short things today.

Here I am somewhere in southeast Texas bonding with Lee's dad's pet cows. More on them later.

First Story: Stray Dog

So, this weekend after church, Lee and I went to visit his dad. We were still in Austin, driving down 183 when we saw ahead of us some cars driving really strangely. One car had a guy with his arm hanging out, straddling the far left lane and the shoulder (there was a wall next to that). Then a taxi was straddling the far left and middle lanes, and behind them was a construction truck with a flashing light, also slowing and blocking traffic. They were all weaving. Then we saw the dog--a very large yellow dog was high-tailing it in next to the center wall. We felt so sorry for it--looked panicked. I was dreading the end of the scene, too, since it looked to me like that dog was going to get hit eventually. Then we realized the driver of the first car had his arm out because he was trying to catch the dog. While driving. Next to a concrete barrier. The taxi and truck were helping by keeping cars away. I watched in horror as the guy kept missing the dog. I was afraid he'd hit it, since he had to drive so close to it. But, amazingly he did catch the dog! Then he slowed down, stopped and somehow managed to shove the dog into his car! Lee and I were afraid the dog would be so scared it would bite the guy, but it didn't. The last we saw, the car guy and the taxi guy were pulled over and talking. Probably thanking each other and congratulating each other. They were SO brave to help that poor animal. It made me all weepy.

And we were thinking, would we be brave enough to risk our own lives to save a dog like that? I don't know if I could drive that well, nor if I could hold such a big dog. Wow, those were kind and brave people. They were very skillful at not causing traffic to back up or people to hit each other. Luckily, the road was not too crowded, too, so you could see something was odd up ahead in plenty of time to slow down. Whew.

What a start to a trip! Plenty of adrenaline!

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