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Monday, March 26, 2007

Good Attitude Weekend Report

So, I said I'd report on my reasonable weekend. And I am very proud of myself for keeping up with my intentions to only let myself wallow in self pity a short time. I ended up having some wonderful times this weekend, and feeling fairly calm and hopeful.

I have to thank Lee for a lot of it. It is just so easy to have a nice time with him. I can remember sitting in the car at one point and thinking, "I am having fun!" We just did normal things, too, like shopping for plants, planning yard improvements and stuff. But he is so easy to be with, easy to talk to, and supportive, that almost anything we do is a fine time.

The back yard continues to improve. Lee has mowed and bagged twice, so the leaves are all off the ground. We got some grass seed, is the predicted flash flooding that ALWAYS comes whenever I get grass seed put down in the back yard!! However, all this got done this weekend:

  • Got some snapdragons and impatiens, plus more potted plants
  • Weeded ALL traces of Virginia Creeper, remnant blackberry, thorn and honeysuckle vine in front and back. All that is left, vine-wise are grapevines, which have to grow a bit so I can find and Roundup them (won't pull up). I know the VC will be back, but it is at least wounded now.
  • Put down newspapers in the part of the front bed where everything I ever planted died, other than weeds. Then covered it with lovely free oak leaf mulch from the formerly most shady part of the back yard, and planted snapdragons in it. Looks like an entirely new front yard.
  • Built a back step (the kids did it for us) so that it is easier for Buddy the Dog to get in and out. He is already walking better. I found the concrete pieces at Lee's old house, so it was free! See how thrifty we unemployed can be.
  • Built an inexpensive charcoal grill so we can have yummy grilled foods. Of course poor Lee had to grill in a downpour yesterday, but the chicken was divine. Jeff helped, and it was amusing to see the Men working together so well. Sigh, in some ways, it's not bad having them both here, when Jeff is in a good mood. Lee also got us one of those starter chimney things, so we do not have to use lighter fluid (yay). It is cool to see how those work (I have not had a charcoal grill in so long...but the gas one is totally DEAD.)
  • Put up a chain of nice lights to light up the back patio. Just have to get the extension cord set up so we can turn them on. Lee did a good job with chains and such, and they match the hanging basket chain.
  • Also got two more wrought iron decorations to put on the back of the house. It will look really nice.
  • We went out to Granger and got some tools from Lee's. Managed to fit them all in the garage, too. Soon we can build stuff.
Since the kids were with their dad this weekend, Lee and I went to dinner at Mesa Rosa (right across from our neighborhood). It was like our second real "date" ever. Sigh, I do things strangely. But it was nice. He was so sweet to me all night. We had one big and one small margarita, so were quite happy when we got home. We watched Saturday Night Live and laughed and laughed. Then we just had fun kidding with each other and playing around. We decided that perhaps the best way to watch SNL is slightly tipsy. Anyway, it was so nice to have plain ole fun in our own house, not having to be quiet or worry about anyone else being offended (Jeff was out, too).

Speaking of which, it looks like by mid May he will be totally out, and that he is going to take a "vacation" for much of the time between now and then. And he will put his stuff in storage. I am glad we just had to have "a talk" and not get cantankerous about it. He knows he needs to move on and look for real work and relationship opportunities. And Lee and I would sure like to be a more "normal" family unit. Sigh, if that divorce would just finalize, perhaps that dream will become more of a reality.

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Sam said...

I love to read about how fluid your personal life continues to be. I am vibing that that continues in a happy and titillatingly fun way!