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Friday, March 16, 2007

Yay, Interview

Quickly--after waiting all week and deciding to give up on that position, I did get a call from the recruiter and they want to do a phone interview on Monday for the job I am most interested in. They even changed it to include "change management," which cracked me up--they worried I had no experience at that. I guess I subliminally eliminated references to that in my resume after the experience my last year at the Dysfunctional Nonprofit Organization. But, manage change, I did. Not well enough to suit Mr. Buzzword Factory, but well enough to say it's something I did.

Anyway, yay to me. And yay to Lee, as he got a good performance review. And yay to NJ for getting a fine new job.

I am also thinking hard about some friends who have had some bad job things happen to them--one had to quit after being treated very poorly by her boss, and another, a teacher, got a reassignment out of the blue. I was surprised at how strongly I felt for them both. I really know how both of them feel, having been in both situations.

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Sam said...

I have lit a green candle so that it is burning for you while you have your phone interview today.