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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Other fun trip things

Here's a nice farm image, with decorative hay and tree.

I am glad the visit to Lee's dad went well. He is a very sweet man, and was quite fun to talk to. It's especially good when he gets going on politics--his obvious delight that everything he said I agreed with was a bonus. Really, it was pretty funny to me that he came to many of my conclusions from a different direction. It was a bit scary to go into such an unknown situation in an unfamiliar setting, but I did pretty well. I am getting more used to coping with change, I guess. About time. That's all I've been doing for a while now.

So, what else was fun? We ate some good food in Cuero, at a Mexican place with gigantic portions for tiny prices. And no decor. And breakfast at Lee's dad's favorite local hangout in Yorktown. It was fun to see everyone saying hi to him. Nice to see he is looked out for.

We drove around Cuero, and I have to say it was a cool little town. So many beautiful old houses, beautifully restored--both large and small. What do those people do for a living? Good question. Can't all be oil riches. I think a lot must be vacation or retirement homes. They are so lovely. It was also fun to listen to Lee and his dad point out everywhere they ever lived, and all these old places they had done things. Nice to learn people's histories.

I guess that's about it for general stuff. I'll write about trees eventually.

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