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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Looking up!

A quick note to say a few nice things. Other than having a very unhappy stomach (musta eaten something BAD yesterday), it's going well.

I have been interviewing like crazy for a contract position at another large local company. And some of the resumes I have sent out in the past week or two are getting me call-backs or emails. I am just SO relieved to be hearing something back from someone! It sounds like I will be interviewing next week with the actual client, after talking to two folks at the recruiting place, so wish me luck!

And there's another one I am working on with a different recruiter. That job sounds weird, but pays well, so I will not turn it down.

And one really interesting one in the nonprofit field that I am actually quite qualified for, but am afraid won't pay well enough even though it's a director level position. Sigh. Nonprofits. Sigh.

PLUS one more that wants really amusing writing samples that sound like they are from the olden days of software documentation, but I think I can churn out for them. At least they are not asking me to write how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (how I got my current position).

There is a lot afoot in the current place of work. Much confusion and reorganizing, so who knows what it will be like there in a couple of weeks, when rumor is that hiring might start up again. Well, I still DO care about it there, since Lee's there, and would like to come back, even if it is different...

OK...that's all I can get to right now. More later. The older boy has to pack for his band trip, I have to figure out why this blog won't load for Lee, and I need to figure out even MORE tiny details than my brain can hold. I sure hope to get to go on a little trip Sunday and Monday. I could really use a break.


Robin said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm continuing to send find a wonderful job vibes to you!

Sam said...

You know that even if I don't post much these days that it's not because I'm not vibing. I am vibing like CRAZY and can't wait to hear your wonderful job news.

Thanks for all of your words of encouragement and support. You are an amazing strength and I so value your support.