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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Hippies

My Hippie Son
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I guess our whole family is happy hippies, and I have to say I enjoy that. Here's Beccano in Jeff's really cool old batik shirt, trying to straighten his hair via bandana. My, has that boy grown. We spent most of the weekend together and had a great time while Lee was visiting his dad (a worthwhile pursuit, and I was sorry to miss the chance to meet his brother, who happened to also be visiting when Lee got there).

Beccano spent our Saturday (after I knitted, of course) going to Goodwill so he could outfit himself in Grunge Rock plaid shirts (not all flannel, in a nod to the fact that we are NOT in Seattle). We also got a really cool book on how to play harmonica, in German, and a Presbyterian Hymnal from the 60s (1940s original publication date). I was surprised to look on the inside and see it came from Jacksonville, Florida, not far from where I grew up. I am sure this was the first hymnal I ever used. We plan to use it for practice in reading music and doing harmonies.

Much of Saturday evening we spent geekily looking at Google Earth. I showed him where I grew up, my high school and such. We also looked at all sorts of beautiful places in Iceland and Germany. Google Earth is HOURS of fun. It's like traveling--you just click a camera and see a scene of that place!

I even got him to go to church with me on Sunday. What a boy. Speaking of boys, Tuba Boy has been more communicative lately and we are all enjoying that. He's just at work so much that I don't build up a lot of stories about him. I enjoy it when his large, hulking friends, who act like the boys they still are at heart, come to visit, though.

Things are going quite smoothly at home, and work is at least 75% better. That is a relief. I have lots more responsibilities and that makes me feel more a part of things, which is also nice. We are still hoping Lee finds another job or contract quickly, though I do like his current coworkers--we saw one who is very friendly and has a great sense of humor in the grocery store last night--turns out she is a neighbor. And heck, even the neighbors are being nicer lately, though all are amused we have tomatoes and onions in the front yard. Hey, we're hippies. Go us. Hope they still like us when Lee fires up his new chipper/shredder.

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Des said...

I love tomatoes and onions in the front yard! That's where my tomatoes are going. I hope to plant some other vegetables in among the flowers. We have no foundation plantings here.