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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just an update

I was waiting until I had a photo to share of the flower bed edging Lee is putting around the house, but it keeps being rainy or something, so I don't have any.

Mostly I wanted anyone who was worrying along with me to know I met with the boss yesterday and got much better feedback on me and my work, so I get to stay in the office. I guess it helps that the super-competent next-newest person just got a different position at the university, so if they canned me they'd be down 2 out of 3 people in our sub group. Gee, that's great job security (sarcasm off). No, really, things are going much better at work. There is now some laughter and it is a bit calmer, even with the person who likes me least back from vacation and the one that likes me most on vacation this week. I feel like I will be able to handle things from here on out, and will concentrate on working to make things stable at home, helping Lee get another position, etc.

In semi-good news, the stress has helped me in my weight loss plan, and I am only two pounds above the upper limit I usually like to keep to. So if I lose about 7 more pounds, I will be real happy. My clothing is back to fitting normally, too, though the new jeans I bought a month or two ago are now really too large. Oh, what torture, hee hee.

Other good stuff. Beccano's guitar playing is really, really improving. He sounds very musical, and I am very impressed with his practicing and work ethic on that. And Tuba Boy has stepped back a little from the silent surliness and has been pleasant to be around for a few days. Something like his old cheery self. He's messing up the car a bit, but handling it OK. I have been helping him with some school registration challenges, and it was SO nice to get a call from him just wanting some support. I feel useful as a parent again.

So, things are not too bad. At least I am in still love and someone wants to move my wedding date earlier. Aww.


DianeS said...

Ah, yes, the Silent Surliness stage. Part of Mother Nature's attempt to make the Empty Nest syndrome not so difficult, as there will be some good to the idea of them leaving home to college. If they do actually leave. Glad to hear that he's easing up on it a bit; it can be very wearing.

I'm glad to hear the job is getting better. I'm hoping it was just a rough beginning and that things will go more smoothly from now on.

Sam said...

The smiles in your words are back. I am so glad things are on an upward swing these days! May that be the new constant for you!!