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Monday, May 12, 2008

Surprise, a New Man

ELAB the Philosopher
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I know I posted like crazy yesterday, but I wanted to share my latest surprise. As if all the Mother's Day gifts weren't enough, Lee surprised me today by shaving off his final facial hair remnant, the mustache. I think he did it to look younger, since the facial hair is a lovely gray. He does have to look for work again starting now, so looking younger is a good thing for people our age. Sigh.

However, it's a gift for me, too, since I am quite fond of smooth faces. I have never been a big fan of kissing beards and mustaches, even when they look good on the person. So, I am happy. I also think he looks like a fascinating blend of my Hero Peter Townshend and that impish Bill Maher fellow.

And, by the way, if he decides to go for the beard, mustache, underlip thingie or whatever again, I'll still be fine. He's the same fine person underneath!

As for me, I keep wishing I could have a gray streak at the front of my face. The Bonnie Raitt look or something.

Weird thing: After all those years with the incredibly scruffy beard thing, the former roommate Jeff has also shaved. I think he is also trying to look younger, having given up on looking smaller with the beard. He has very little gray in the hair on his head, so this may actually be working for him!

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Sam said...

You're totally right! Lee DOES look like a combination of Peter Townshend and Bill Maher. That's funny. I would never have said that before but with that baby-smooth face it is SO obvious!
You have such great taste.