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Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Project

Well, my personal weekend project is to keep my spirits up and knit a lot. But Lee has done some great stuff around the yard. On Saturday, he built this really nifty compost sifter. You can see lots more photos and details on Lee's blog, if you are interested in how it works and how it was made. I am just happy to have compost at all, since the dirt here in the hill country of Texas is pretty useless for anything other than native plants, and even the natives seem to like some compost. This screen thing sifts out big pieces and just leaves nice, small compost to spread around the yard. He made it almost entirely out of scrap wood, too, so we are being frugal! That man is "handy," that's for sure!

We are doing OK garden-wise, too. A few plants have bit the dust, due to already getting pretty hot, or in a couple of cases, too much water in a planter we didn't realize had no drainage hole. But some things are beautiful, like this, um, whatever it is that lived over winter and has come back in triumphant splendor! It makes me happy to see all the flowers and plants.

I am doing real well most of the time, and thank everyone for their thoughts. I dread tomorrow, when have to go back in to the Tower of Doom and get my stuff, but I have thought it through and think I can get it done fairly quickly and efficiently. And if I am lucky, my friend may help me take my stuff to my car. Then I will be able to move forward and find a better place for me where my personality isn't attacked and snap judgments aren't held against me. I don't need a perfect spot, just one with reasonable expectations (like you don't have to LIE to people) and a modicum of congeniality.

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