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Friday, April 1, 2005

And What about Knitting?

I promise I won't write three times every day, but I am practicing getting started here!

Knitting is what I do when I am not doing anything else, and has been my hobby since I was about 8 I guess. I am not the world's greatest knitter, but I've tried most things, and I sure enjoy it a lot. To practice putting in a photo link, here's the ribbed cotton top I knitted for my "easter" outfit last week. Usually I am knitting socks for fun or scarves for money, however.

I wonder why all my hobbies have so much fine motor skill involved. I type all day then I go knit socks on teeny weeny needles. Go figure.

What am I currently working on? I am in between major projects, though a knitting bag to felt will be upcoming soon and I am taking a class on a mitred square bag at my fine new local yarn shop (oh whee, happy happy day--finally a shop on ly 10 minutes away, not 40!).
  • a light blue scarf that is one big ole ruffle, featuring short rows, from a pattern Courtney the Prolific Knitter at Church gave me. It is in cotton twist. I don't like it much now, but figure I bought the yarn so I better finish it.
  • a hilarious lime/avocado green narrow scarf in an eyelash and a yarn that looks like worms or squiggles. Someone said it looked like I was knitting seaweed, or making Oscar the Grouch. It will go nicely with my green shirt that I got chapstick stains on the first time I washed it (grrrrrrr).
  • ribbed socks on teeny needles (000) in a color called "pansy" by the nice folks at Knitpicks ( They are gonna be so nice. I figure I will finish them in Illinois next week. I always get to knit more when I go out of town to work.
  • oh yeah, a scarf just for fun in a yarn that mixes blue eyelash with something that looks like little blobs of color. I can't remember the name, but I figure I can wear it a couple of times then sell it to someone. It is cute but I don't own much in royal blue so I am not sure why I got the yarn. I need another skein. Yay, excuse to go to the yarn shop tomorrow.

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