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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Knitting Metaphor!

I am on a large knitting email list (which I have never posted on), and the subject had turned to knitting in the media. One member reported a knitting them on a Joan of Arcadia show. Thanks to Lindy for letting me share her description:

There was one particularly poignant moment when Joan, in a fit of frustration and anger, threw the knitting down and it began to unravel. "God" told her that even if she unraveled her scarf it was still there - just in a different form. The message, using yarn and knitting as the metaphor, was that everything in the universe is connected and always will be - even if the form changes.

Ah, how nice it would be to frame current events in knitting terms, rather than in battle terms or the parental model Lakoff describes in his work! That will give me food for thought for a while.

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