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Sunday, April 17, 2005

This Week's To Do

I need an attitude adjustment--having some impatience rearing its head. So, for this week I will try to:

  • not be impatient with people who ask me to do time-consuming things that have very little impact on others
  • get some people to help start some of the projects I need to get going
  • translating the community network
  • organizing the technology room at our upcoming
  • getting that sligtly irritating new committee up
    and running with a diverse selection of
  • get travel plans concrete
  • not let people with personal agendas drag me in and cause me to spend more time than necessary dealing with their issues...that happened way too much to me last week
  • be there to help friends who are having troubles of their own
  • enjoy the kids
  • make the appointments I need to make
  • dentist--kids
  • dentist--me
  • vet--dogs
  • doctor--D's toe

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