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Friday, April 1, 2005

Gotta Start Somewhere

Yeah, you have to start somewhere. I have been thinking of things I'd like to write down, to perhaps unload some of my cute li'l frustrations in a productive way, and in a completely unrelated focus, keep notes on knitting stuff. I hope this will help me practice being more random and not so obsessed with form that I forget what I am writing about.

Notes from Today So Far

It is incredibly windy, which always makes the windchimes I got as an independence present to myself (ex hated them) go crazy.

The coffee is really good today.

I slept better last night and so far, no stress symptoms.


from Jennifer: I am glad to see you finding more safe places to "unload" and work through some of this crap. I worry about your stress level!! :)

from Suna: I am not enjoying the chest pains, myself. I wonder why the comment number didn't increment?

from Jennifer: I guess *snif* I just *sniffle* don't coooouuuunnnttt!!! *waaaaaaahhhh*No, seriously, I think it's a problem blogger comments has some times. :P

I really want to write a long thing about how distributed organizations can work out, but with flexibility. That's my goal. Let's see how many days it will be until such a thing appears here.

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