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Friday, April 1, 2005

To Concentrate on Today

Periodically, I want to remind myself of what I am concentrating on so that I don't get all bogged down and take things personally that are not meant that way, and to distance myself from negativity so that it does not eat me up. Here are today's items, which are coming out like Stuart Smalley affirmations or something, but that can't be helped:
  • I can model behaviors you would like to see in others (peaceful, nonjudgmental, thoughtftul, pro-active).
  • What I do is helping others (thanks, Barbara).
  • I am not the organization I work for.
  • I can implement policies and represent points of view I do not agree with.
  • I can separate my personal philosophy from the work I do, and expect others to do the same.
  • My current projects are exciting and positive.
  • I can learn new patterns (i.e., figure out how to disagree without either disappearing or fighting back too hard).
  • My children love me so much.
  • Every faction in a disagreement has legitimate points of view. Usually each has a contribution to the problem, as well (see Difficult Conversations)

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