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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Weekend Goals

Watch this--I will try to not work today. Too late, I already wrote a long email and posted it in my work Wiki.

Other goals I may actually achieve:

  • Be calm in coparenting even when I disagree with decisions of former spouse
  • Finish church web update for
  • Update Live Oak Coffeehouse page
  • Go shopping
  • Enjoy wedding I got invited to because my friend got the musicians' spouses invited along to the meal. Smooches to Eddie. It's at Green Pastures, a lovely old home turned into a restaurant. There are peafowl there.
  • Work on the amusing mitred squares made from leftover sock yarn (hasn't turned out too pretty so far)
  • Think longer and harder about how my attitude affects others--I got some nice validation yesterday from friends, and one said I am an agent for good in the world. And you know what? That is, I think, my primary goal.

Now must take boy and tuba to a rehearsal.

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