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Sunday, April 3, 2005

A Sane Sunday

I am proud of myself. Today looked like it was going to be absolutely crazed. I had something I had to do every moment of the day. And tomorrow I have to be up early to fly to Chicago. So, I decided to cut some stuff out. I realized I did not have to sing in choir, the children are with their dad this weekend so aren't able to go to church, I do not WANT to hear about the minister's opinions on Terri Schiavo's death and life, and the music committee could stand me missing ONE meeting. So I skipped church. Since we "sprang forward" last night, when I slept in, I really slept in and it was nearly noon when I awoke. But I feel better.

So I will manage to get a bit of work done that needs to happen before I leave, finish the church web page update, pay bills, AND go to the Big Austin Kessler Birthday Party Bash for a while. Yay. And take Kynan to his play rehearsal (I am so incredibly bummed I do not get to play "Rose" in God's Favorite by Neil Simon because the ONE weekend I was scheduled to be out of town was the play weekend. And now I have to get Kynan to rehearsals somehow for nearly two months). Ah well. It is good Kynan is getting the experience. I think he's a natural ham.

Last night, I got to go to the wedding of people I do not know, 50-ish folks who had a lovely wedding at Green Pastures, the restaurant in a big old house in south Austin. The day was perfect. Not hot or cold. Blue skies. The horrid winds were over. Jeff was the drummer in the band for the event (and shared singing duties), which was organized by my friend Eddie Collins ( The groom is a banjo student of Eddie's. There was also a wonderful fiddle player and a very good bass player, to round out Eddie's rockin' guitar (really, Eddie ROCKED--I am so used to him doing bluegrass and country that I had no idea!). Anyway, Eddie got spouses/girlfriends of band members invited, so Ann would not have to sit by herself at the meal. Ann and the girlfriend of the fiddle player and I had a wonderful time. The food was delicious, and we got to bring home a centerpiece. OMG, the most beautiful roses, orchids and hydrangeas!! I am so sad I will miss looking at them when I am out of town! The band sounded great--the fiddle player did Charlie Daniels-ish stuff on the rock songs and it was neat. Everyone had fun. I enjoyed the conversation with my dinner partners--the new lady teaches at an interesting alternative school for children with learning disabilities, and she integrates art and music into the curriculum.

Highlights: the centerpieces, the Italian Cream Cake's icing (it was weird knowing the ole Pope died today and we had his favorite dessert), and the albino peacock (the place has a lot of peafowl). The peacock was pretty all day, looking like he was made of lace when he displayed, but at night he went and roosted in a giant oak tree that had some lights in it. The lights shone down on him and he looked like a ghost bird, with feathers shimmering. It was a most beautiful and amazing sight. Everyone kept saying, "thanks for showing me that," when I pointed it out to them. There were lots of babies and children at the event--8 teen/adult kids between the couple getting married alone. One poor little girl baby has some disease that means her muscles will not develop, and is expected to have a very short life. She was happy, though, and obviously so beloved by all. The couple who got married, rich people, were very nice and kind to us, total strangers eating their expensive food!! It was so sweet of the bride to give us centerpieces--they were in beautiful, heavy bowls, too!

Today I look forward to good food and music at Austin's party. I hope the margarita machines are well stocked. My fingers are crossed for my work meetings this week. I hope we make good progress on the computer system and get everyone all on the same page.

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