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Friday, April 15, 2005

I Have Missed You All

I have been trying to post something for a few days, but the ole blogger interface would not let me in. All those treasured thoughts lost forever! I have something I want to share, which a friend got from a woman who attends my church.


...I, along with several other UU's, and an auditorium full of people of faith attended the informative conference "Whose Faith? Which Morals?: Religion, politics & Values" Co-sponsored by UT's Humanities Institute, Program on Religious Studies, AAIM and the LBJ Library. Following the Texas Freedom Network's Conference on "Religion & the Media" last fall, and looking forward to Live Oak's hosting Fall Conference: "Getting the Message Out, and Getting the Message In," now is a critical time for people of liberal faith to actively engage in the public "morals" debate.

Folks who study and think about this issue, addressing our seeming polarization (polls show US citizens are as in the middle as they have always been - the 'elites' are the ones becoming more polarized and who get media attention - remember, it's NEWS) say we must engage those, especially who's perspectives are different from us. One minister noted that 'conversation' and 'conversion' have the same Latin root. So to engage honestly in conversation, we must be open to be converted - to changing our minds through understanding. There's much more, but among the highlights, Rev. James Forbes of New York's Riverside Church, whose incomparable voice is difficult completely convey, gave a 10-point prescription for curing the malaise and fear being propagated in our country. In short:

1. Cultivate a spirit of trust
2. Regularly participate in a community of faith to overcome isolation and find a sense of purpose and meaning.
3. Renew a vision for a healthy society, and a vocation for our nation.
4. Provide a 'truth serum.'
5. Nuture a mature an enlightened self-interest.
6. Call for a commitment to minimum standards for basic human needs for all.
7. Encourage sacrifice as an investment in a new order of humanity.
8. Invite new citizens into the dialogue.
9. Forgiveness - we need to face our own history, our own Truth & Reconciliation Commission.
10. Love the children - stop playing politics with their future.

I liked this a lot, because it applies to so many areas of my life--the organization I work for, my spiritual community, and the US as a whole.

More soon.

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