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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holiday Happiness

If you could see me type, you'd know I am smiling. It has been a really wonderful few days for me, and even the yucky parts were "interesting" yucky parts.

Right now, my boys are back home (minus their luggage--sure hope it makes it--has gifts in it). I have made some homemade chicken soup with all the veggies I had in the house (because, whoa, EM and I have been cooking like crazy, even at my house!). RM is playing his endless holiday CDs, and I finally have a minute to type something.

After RM had an "issue" with me having my boyfriend in my own home, I sorta packed up and hung out with EM for a few days, just coming home to get things and wrap presents. EM didn't want me home alone. It worked out fine--RM has calmed down considerably, and is looking much harder for a place south of town to live and be closer to musicians. I really wish him well, hope he remains a friend, and want the best for him, but neither of us would be happy if we kept things up with the status quo.

We'll be talking to the boys tomorrow evening about EM being more than my best friend, and RM's being a roommate (not sure if they realized that yet or not). It really has to be done, and I can't put it off forever, especially with everyone at Ye Olde Spiritual Community knowing. I actually think it will go OK--EM's son seems to really understand the weird and whacky connection the two of us have, and I think my boys will see it, too.

Enough of what I am currently worrying about. I did have lots of fun the past few days. Spending time with EM, in any fashion, is nearly always great fun (and when we are not having fun, we are supporting each other through the interesting challenges that are inevitable at times like this). It is just so refreshing to have someone treat me the way I would like to be treated and is patient with me, and who appreciates how I treat him. And it is so much fun to have so many things in common. I will stop listing things, so that he doesn't get embarrassed when he reads this, but I have to say that even cleaning the kitchen is fun when we are together. THAT is coming from a completely enamored person, if you ask me!

Things are really solid, we are very happy, we are as secure as two Pisces with trust issues can be, and we are looking forward to the coming year. OK, I haven't said THAT in a LONG time.

Belated Solstice greetings to my pagan friends--we went out in the winter air and enjoyed the solstice stars, and had an absolutely incredible Yule ritual Friday night.

And Merry Christmas to everyone--however you celebrate, enjoy the giving and receiving, and the love of your families and friends.

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Barbara said...

OH Suna, I'm so glad that things have calmed down for you. I'm glad that RM seemed to have realized that was working for a while, wouldn't be able to continue working forever.

It's so nice to 'hear' to hear the happiness in your words. I'm glad you found what you needed to complete you. :)