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Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Musings

So, this is how the kids wanted to be remembered this holiday time. The Older Boy was still asleep, while the Younger Boy was "charged up" a bit. I also have a picture of me in my festive holiday outfit, complete with antlers, that everyone commented, "How natural those look on you!" I'll stick that one at the end of this entry.

So, the boys got lots of presents, though less than usual, since each got one big item (a video camera for Younger Boy and a Wii which does not yet exist for the Older Boy). You would expect them to be bonding with their gifts, right? Imagine my mirth when the Younger Boy came up to me, all serious, holding a very large branch he'd found on a hike with his dad, declaring, "Mom, I want to do some whittling on my staff." OK, I guess all he needed was a sharp knife this year. Of course, can I find the lovely wood carving kit he inherited from his grandfather? No. I'll have to look--I have seen it around.

It was a better holiday than I had feared. RM was in an extra good mood and really seemed to enjoy the day. He loved the 2 gig of RAM I got for his new laptop! And my sister loved the fancy-ass printer that EM and I picked out for her. I got me one of those phone headsets that make you look like you are talking to yourself in public when you use one. I plan to not stand around in grocery stores and use it--mainly it's for those really, really long phone calls with EM every night when we aren't together in person, where my hand falls asleep holding the trendy yet not comfy Razor phone.

Holiday meal was good. We had: pork loin stuffed with garlic cloves (whoa, did that give me indigestion for which I can't take anything due to the antibiotics I am on), homemade mashed potatoes, delicious and most wonderful King of Vegetables butternut squash, and usually nasty but well doctored up canned peas (my sister likes them). She also made an apple cake with caramel frosting for dessert, and it was most yummmmmy. I managed to get two glasses of the expensive merlot wine I bought--yay.

After that, all but Older Boy (who had to run play his new Final Fantasy Whatever) watched Little Miss Sunshine and enjoyed it a lot. I managed to finish the last of my sister's dishcloths, a lovely bathtime blossom (eek, didn't get a photo of it) AND I finished a sock. Finally, some knitting time! Photos of the measly four dishcloths I finished out of Schaeffer hand dyed cotton are in the Flikr feed in the margin. They came out very nice, with subtle patterning.

Tomorrow, back to work, though practically no one will be there but us pitiful contractors. Hey, at least I am feeding the family and did not go into debt this holiday. Whoop.

I miss EM, who I believe went to see his father, after some vacillation on that topic. Argh, two days with no Psychic Twin!!


norma said...

You look soooo relaxed and happy. It has been too long since I have seen you that way. Oh - and I love the antlers!

Sam said...

I love the pictures! I am sorry you are on antibiotics but not for the reason you are on them! I LOVE that you are SO happy!!!!
EM will be home soon and you can get back to your [new] normally scheduled programming. Isn't that great? A new normal.

Suna said...

Thanks, both of you. Yeah, a new normal. That is what I need. Until then, I am drinking lots of water.