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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekends and Looking Forward

I just got back from finally doing some holiday shopping, in which EM and I managed to have a good time buying things like blood pressure cuffs. OOOH--the Younger Son said he wanted to go along with me on my exciting adventures--I hate to tell him what mundane stuff passes for "fun" when you're just enjoying who you're with. And I do appreciate someone who just listens to me when I want to vent about "how I messed up my previous life" stuff.

It's still a lot of highs and lows this weekend--like I posted in my comment from Friday, I think I am having hormonal issues or something--it has that "feeling" like something is making me feel in ways I don't even want to feel. It doesn't help that I had to work today, wah. And that I didn't get as much done as I wanted (no one's fault but mine--any coworkers who happened to also be there were very polite), and well, I actually have a LOT to do on my project!

Probably working so much doesn't help the hormones. I had a lot of knitting work yesterday. Three work folks came in, too, and I got one going on knitting after having a frustrating time earlier in the week trying to learn on the wrong needles and yarn, while last week's new hat knitter had done a GREAT job finishing not only a hat but a scarf (and had made two others). And I got another client going on a hat. I find hat teaching very satisfying. Once you can make one, you are OFF and running, and it's fun to see all the progress and the independence the hat knitters develop.

Our choir program is still not in good shape, and that is sorta depressing--I am having a hard time not having anyone reliable singing my part, but I finally got the CD of the songs, so I can listen. Whew. By the time the rehearsal was over yesterday, I was lucky to have energy to eat dinner and watch TV with EM. (RM conveniently went to a party, which he enjoyed--I am so glad he is socializing and having some fun--he's been really good about everything, and I am impressed.) Nice to just hang out, watch TV, do tarot, laugh at the kids.

I am not sure why I wrote a long sort of reversed chronology of a not-too-exciting, normal weekend, but I think it's because it represents what I want more of (not the extra work or bad choir practices, but the other parts). I look forward to a time where I can just hang out with my loved ones and laugh and enjoy mundane things. With no drama. Whoa, that will be nice.

One more big event: the Older Boy did his first on the road driving this morning, from 6-8am. Poor thing was at a debate tournament all Friday and Saturday, is getting a cold, and then had to get up way too early to go drive. But he did it! I am proud.


Sandy said...
I hope things work out and you have many quiet weekends ahead of you.
Tuesday, December 12, 2006 12:46:00 PM

Sam said...
I like reading about your weekend activities. It's true that even the mundane can be fun if your enjoy the company.I have a sphygmomanometer too (BP cuff). It is old though and I'd really like to have a fancy new electronic one where I don't have to use a stethescope at the same time. It gets hard to manipulate everything.Have a great week!
Tuesday, December 12, 2006 3:30:00 PM

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