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Monday, December 18, 2006

Welcome, Friends

Hello folks. Here's the new blog, which will be "same as the old blog" as soon as I copy over my template modifications and stuff.

I had a long, long weekend full of ups and downs, but I feel good today. I know you are all wanting to know why I moved my blog.

Well, you see, EM's stbx (that means "soon to be ex" if you aren't on my old email lists) apparently got into his email when he was at work on Friday (he left it up, oops, and I guess she knows his password). And she replied to a message I sent him, informing me just how creepy she thinks EM is (she seems to think we had a "relationship" long before we actually were anything other than psychically superglued, which doesn't help). It made me feel like I lived in a soap opera or something. I just do not expect adult people to read other people's email. Yeah, naive, huh. Of course I don't blame her for having her feelings or anything--just I don't think it very mature to send that kind of email to someone.

No matter how upset I was at folks during my "bad period" I tried to not send that kind of stuff (except to one poor recipient, to whom I hereby apologize again). I guess everyone needs to learn that lesson. It sure made for a really, really bad Friday afternoon for both EM and I (he had to discuss this "issue" with her,a nd he felt so bad about leaving a mushy email from me on his screen, even though it is HIS PERSONAL email).

Anyway, after stbx requested of EM that I not say anything bad about her in my blog (oooh creepy), I figured, OK, better move that blog. This way I can actually say things less obliquely, knowing exactly who is reading. So, if you ARE reading this, you are my friend, and you are welcome.

In nicer news, my precious boys (who look more like men) made it to North Carolina to be with their dad and stepmother for a week (and get to see my dad, too). It is nice when they have direct flights, because I do not have to worry about them changing planes, or pay for "unaccompanied minor." The flight was super early, so I had no traffic to deal with. I do hate to have them gone, but it lets me do stuff a little more freely for a week.

The weekend went pretty well -- lots of rehearsing for a choir performance, then the actual performance (sigh, I messed up a couple of things and feel really bad about it, but it was OK). Now I just need to get those Spanish lullabies OUT of my head. I didn't spend as much time as usual at the knitting store, but it was long enough to get to chat with Jody and her sister and get a little lecture on my behavior from another store friend. I guess I should expect that. Most people are being so nice, though, that I feel really warm. More people believe in this soul mate stuff than I realized. Aww.

Oddly, two nights in a row this weekend we had dinner with tarot people. Jody on Saturday night, and then two friends of EM last night (now THOSE people know a lot of decks!). It's a little nerve wracking meeting one's new person's friends, but I did OK. And EM went to church with me, so he was exposed to a LOT of my friends all in one event. Thank goodness it's all going just fine!

We got to go bond with the church labyrinth a while yesterday (after all the work I put into that thing when it was getting built, I am glad EM liked it so much!!), plus we spent a long time at the nice park with a lake near my house--it is so, so good to visit nature and get away from people and things for a while. I know I need to do more of that. It is really centering.

Long enough for a first post? Sure. I'll get the template fixed up soon. But, thank you all for reading and being kind to me.


Sam said...

So glad to see you back. I am sorry that you felt you had to move your personal place but I understand the reason for it.

Take care and enjoy your week -- even though you are missing your boys!

Elisabeth said...

Whew. I am glad you're safely moved over here, but I'm sorry for your roller-coaster reasons for needing to change blog locations.

Take a deep breath, and enjoy the remainder of this week with the boys away on their visit with dad.