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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ickiness, Plus One Happy Podcast Note

It seems to be the week for ickiness. The RM has decided that he doesn't want me and EM interacting in "his" house, even when he is not there. Um, I think it is MY effing house. I own it and pay all the bills. So, I am in overdrive mode for finding ways to help him find another living situation, sooner rather than later. I will try to have a nice conversation about it this evening or so. I can't live if I am worrying he will explode on me, and he indicated that he is getting angry. I am not suprised--I'd get angry at some point too, and that is normal.

I'd move on to happier subjects but all I have is this, EM's work on his divorce and the fun that entails, and me being totally unmotivated for Yule, Christmas, solstice or whatever. I would just like to wake up and have it be February, with me with a real job, EM and I on an even keel, the kids fine, and life OK.

Hmmm, let's see, happy...I heard from my brother on his birthday yesterday and it was fairly pleasant and nice...and...looks like I will be taking a long car ride to go meet the father of EM on Friday. I hope that all goes well. I think it will. His family seem inordinately happy about the way things are going. It will be nice to be around people who are happy for us again. That was good this weekend.

Happy Podcast Note

Oh yeah, in my down-hood-ness I forgot to mention this nice article that Elisabeth (friend of this blog!) had put up about RM's winning that computer from the radio station. That was so sweet of her. And it is nice to read all the comments his friends and fans have put up. If you have not had a chance to check into the podcasts RM does, please do. They are a quality product and very interesting--even if I get irritated at him sometimes, I still firmly believe in his talents and abilities, and wish others had more chances to appreciate his work. Not only are the podcasts well done, but the Lake Affect CD he made this year is really great listening if you like ambient music!! (There's a link to it in the sidebar. End commercial)


Tina said...

Thing will get better! :hugs:

Oh, I have a "Wintertime Gift-giving Season" gift for you. Let me know when I can get it to you. Also, Kat is moving out next week.

I was thinking perhaps dinner with a cast of you, EM, Jody, Mark (is was Mark, right? I have a bad memory for names), Bryce, and myself and some point. Bryce needs to spend time with my friends that does not include tarot, and I think he and Mark would get along famously. Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

When you talk about wanting it to be February, with everything "settled" it reminds me of how I felt when I was in labour with my children - I just wanted it to be over and have my baby in in my arms. But the experience taught me a good lesson - I needed to go through the transition, there are no shortcuts. You've had a LOT of transitions in this past year though and it must feel pretty daunting. Sending you lots of love and good wishes that you will get through all this with minimal ickiness.


Suna said...

Thank you, Teresa--that is really a good point. Life is a journey, after all. You never "arrive" and I know that. And we are learning a lot going through this stuff--things that will make us stronger.