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Friday, January 26, 2007

Better? Sure

Happy birthday to my friend Barbara, pictured here with me learning all about Open Space, or something. Really we were concentrating on knitting, for the most part. At least I hope it is her birthday--someone said it was. In any case, she deserves to be honored any old day.
I feel better, honest. I'm really not feeling "bad," just thinking hard about stuff. I do that a lot.
Today I got out of the rut and left work early to do some work covering the butts of the temp agency I actually work for (seems they lost my paperwork, or some of it). But then I finally got to go visit the Ikea that opened up a while back, and that was fun. I spent less than $50 and got 30 glasses (drinking and wine), a bunch of candles for Lee, two toilet brushes, some Swedish food, magazine storage boxes, a rag rug, a flour sifter and many other fine items like that. I did not get the office chair I'd intended to get, but I felt like I needed help in that, so some day if the schedule lightens up, I will take Lee.
He and I are taking the Younger Son to a movie tonight, since we seem to do so much for the other one lately. I hope I don't get all scared (Pan's Labyrinth). Afterward, I may drag Lee out to watch a friend sing at one of the places in Round Rock we used to go hide when we were all confused and in love, and had no place to go.
The puppy dug up more carpet today and munched on some fake plants. Of course, she's fine when we are all here. But, dang, I really do need to replace my carpets now. After THREE puppies, it's showing its age.
So, things are what pass for normal here now!

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Barbara said...

How sweet of you! :) Ya gotta love Ikea. Sometimes I like to go there just for the fun of it, and I'm really not a big window shopping kinda person.