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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snowy Day in Austin Town

Yep, it even snowed today, pretty flakes. Unfortunately, that was surrounded by sleet, freezing rain and other less pleasant kinds of precipitation.

The picture at left is Work Boy #2's windmill from yesterday morning. Doesn't it look cool that all the blades have icicles? That's because it kept spinning all night.

So we have all been staying home and feeling cooped up for a couple of days. We have enough food, so all is well, and everyone's been splitting up the cooking. I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday, and today cleaned out my closet and lingerie drawers while Lee cleaned out some other drawers. RM gave him half the closet his clothing is in, so there is now at least space for Lee's clothing. Apparently he lives here now.

And that leads to the dog problem. We left them a lot of food and water on Sunday before the weather got bad, and they have access to the large kitchen area, with pillows to lie on and stuff. But we were unable to get out yesterday, nor should we today. This has led to hysterical phone calls and passive-aggressive emails from the STBX that Lee is "abusing" the animals. We aren't particularly happy with the arrangement, either, and are getting a doggie door and gates so we can bring them here ASAP. We did not plan on a severe weather emergency popping up before we could get the house puppy proofed. Sigh. So, even though it's incredibly dangerous out, Lee is poking his way to the house to check on the animals.

What really galls me is that the STBX thinks that the way to get Lee to do stuff is to send ME email telling me what a bad person I am if I do not get him to do what she tells me to do, and threatening, "I will know if you read this email." Yeah, sure, she'd know if I were stupid enough to accept the "read receipt" message. If I click "never," she does not ever get to know. I digress. He'd planned to go to the house today anyway, but now it will look like STBX is "right" and make her feel all self satisfied. Sigh, this should not matter to me. I am letting her draw me into her dysfunctional drama. So, I'll just stop that right now. Lee will do what is right because it is right, and really, who cares how anyone else feels as a result?

Interestingly, I came to find out later that the real reason the STBX was not happy had nothing to do with starving doge--it was that her money to pay her lawyer hadn't gotten there yet. Gee, I sure wish my ex had paid all of MY fees for me. I mean, I was to poor pitiful spouse whose partner left her because he found his soul mate and announced he had never actually loved ME. But no, I went out and did the divorce myself to save us both big bucks, because even when emotionally wounded I am not an idiot.

And in case you were worried, Lee made it to and from the distant house OK by driving very slowly, to discover that the dogs were just fine. They have more water and food and got petted a lot. Grumble. But he checked on the dogs because it was the right thing to do, not because some harpy attacked his girlfriend and told her to tell him to go there. OK, I will drop this topic.


Lee said...

BTW if anyone cares. I was going to take care of the dogs and check the mail anyway. Harassing Suna only served to piss me off.

Sam said...

I am glad that Lee traveled safely and I am glad the dogs were happy and healthy when he got there. Sounds like STBX doesn't need any fuel for her passive agressive fire.
Take care. I continue to circle the pair of you in love and support!