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Friday, January 12, 2007

More Pride of Son

Aww, isn't he cute? Today was the Younger Boy's big day in the sun. In the morning he got a citizenship award at school, for being so helpful in his multimedia class. The Older Boy never got one, in all three years of middle school (even though, of course, he was a model citizen--just never stood out enough, and each teacher only gets to nominate one kid per 6 weeks). So, that was like a cattle call, but nice, and his teacher really said some nice things about him to me. I am SO grateful this guy decided to be a middle school multimedia teacher. He has created a safe place for some of these nerdy kids to go before school and during homeroom to hang out, and is so supportive of these kids.

This same teacher is the one who encouraged Younger Boy to do the art that got him these Reflections awards he's been getting. The photo shows his art award at the District level, which he got last night in a fairly fancy ceremony at the Performing Arts Center (woo). The judging for the region is next month. The award is really nice, and is engraved on the back. This kind of recognition has to be good for a boy who was barely functional in 4th grade. It's so nice to see him smiling and happy, and really doing fine with all the changes (the entire Peaceful Commune went to the ceremony--that's RM in the background, while Lee took the picture). Now I just need to get him to stand up straight. He is growing so fast, and has that teen slump happening.

Things are actually going pretty well, though I am a little overwhelmed with "things to do" this week. Wow, was yesterday full, for example:

  • Award ceremony 7:45am
  • Pre-interview for web job 9:30am
  • work
  • Free lunch and Swagfest 11:30am (got laser pointer pen and ViewMaster with scenes of Windows Vista!)
  • work
  • Meeting with legal dept 2 pm
  • work
  • Update Eddie Collins website the second I get home
  • Listen to RM vent about being unable to find a job or place to live and how depressing that is, without mentioning how awkward the living situation is becoming
  • Second award ceremony 7 pm
  • Cram food into selves 8:15pm
  • Rehearse with Singing Boys 8:30 pm
  • Intense Couple time...10 pm-2am

Note that left no downtime. Today of course, I would ideally cram updating the knitting shop website, going to Barnes and Noble, going to feed Lee's dogs, the Live Oak Coffeehouse, and shopping for undies in the hours after work. Oh sure, yeah. My current belief is that many of these items will not happen. I just need to knock off some of these things. And lately weekends are crammed, too. I hope tomorrow there is SOME optional time. The plan is to work on one of our houses, depending on how much rain there is.

Exciting, huh.


Barbara said...

Wait a minute -- pre-interview for web job??? time to spill it!

Oh, and way to go YB!! Woo Hoo!

Suna said...

I posted to "our" email list about it, and will write some more on the job stuff tomorrow, when I also hope to have a picture of my sweater to post.

Sam said...

Congrats to Declan! I love his haircut!!