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Saturday, January 6, 2007


I'm just thinking today. It's been nice lately, with life settling into more of a pattern, which I like. Just to feel more "at home" and not constantly doing "the first time we ever did this, the first time we ever did that."

And I am glad we are getting some of the hurdles taken care of. Like meeting relatives and such. I was glad to get the hurdle of talking to Lee's son over with. That one was a bit of an emotional challenge, but ended up going well--he seems to have turned out to be a very interesting and unique person who will be fun to get to know if things work out (I worry that perhaps he is hearing so much maternal stuff that it will be hard to remember there are two sides to every story, but on the other hand, he seems quite capable of doing that, so perhaps I should find something else to worry about, LOL).

Another hurdle is that the divorce papers were filed this week, so that is a big one. It's really true--at some point we may actually be a couple that people can't tsk-tsk about. I know that is an emotional thing for Lee, and certainly his STBX is taking it that way...but it's one of those things you just have to get through.

There is even progress toward the hurdle of RM finding alternate accommodations. He is talking hard to his friends in the Virgin Islands about spending a few months there. Oh torture, he'd have to spend time on a 51' yacht. But of course there are so many reasons not to...the heat gives him rashes, blah blah. At least that no longer irritates me so much. See, new relationship = good. It will all work out, I think. Whoa, I was optimistic!!

Must go teach knitting, then go to the funeral for the sweet man from church who died last week. I guess we are singing at it...more later.

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Barbara said...

I'm glad that things seem to be coming along for you and Lee. I'll bet that it is nice to be able to start to sink into a little bit of rhythm. :)