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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Small Update from a Grump

Ya know how, once a month, women get all moody and clumsy and just don't feel "there"? It's that day for me. So, I have left my purse/badge/phone at home, gotten discouraged at work I have done, felt depressed after a meeting that is supposed to cheer the staff up...blah. I guess I should be glad I have not managed to offend the boss today (I did that a couple of days ago, by being too informal). I am back to where I was this time last year and really worrying about jobs. I guess it's time to worry. On the good side:

  • My mammogram came out clear--first time in ages that happened on the first try
  • I did a big off-site presentation in front of a lot of "important people" and did a good job, and didn't act too attached to my boyfriend at it, either.
  • I got hugged by an L3 Tech Guru (big deal at Austin's Largest Employer)
  • The dogs are settling in
  • No word from STBX means I can relax around Lee again--she makes me so paranoid
  • Jeff's (formerly known as RM) been really nice and even brought me that missing purse today, and had to sit around waiting for me to come get it--I will take him out to dinner for that
  • Lee and I managed to order the expensive dog door, which will make life easier
  • That nasty gig at the crack of dawn Sunday is almost here, which means the constant rehearsing will end soon--and my voice seems in good shape even with some sinus congestion
  • We got new monitors at home (yay); unfortunately my graphics card doesn't like the darned thing (boo). Will fix that.
  • I got a new system at work (yay) but no monitor (boo). It took a while to get things set up again, but things are rolling now.
  • A new person started at work and she seems nice.


Sam said...

I'm vibing that your day gets better and that tomorrow is a wonderful, amazing kind of day.

Tina said...

Yay, a dog door!

That means we won't have to get up 5,000 times during tarot to let the dogs/cat in/out.


Suna said...

too bad it won't be here in time for the next tarot event. plus, we have to INSTALL it, yow.