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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dog Pix!!

Here are 4 pictures we took this evening.

The first one Lee would like me to tell you is called "5 A**holes" but I prefer to title it "dog butts." It is pretty funny how all four of the dogs lined up, though.

Next is proof I like the puppy and she likes me.

Then one showing old blind Gwynnie and Rose playing tug-of-war with a certain pug wishing they were paying attention to him.

The other is just a nice portrait of Rose, to show how she is growing quickly.

Good night!


Sam said...

They are pretty sweet! What a furry family you have.

Barbara said...

What cute pups! Ahren is on such a huge dog bend these days and it's looking like this summer we will be getting a dog for her. So dogs and puppies are the biggest topic in our house these days.

Glad that it sounds like all your canine friends and getting along.

Now if only certain adults ...cough, cough, stbx... could do the same.

sandy said...

Aww, what a lot of Cannine Cuteness. I'm so glad Gwynnie has someone who will play with her instead of just annoying her.

Elisabeth said...

Wow. You have certainly got a houseful of cutie-pies. It's wonderful how the longtime doggy residents at your house are being accommodating of the newcomers.

Wow, that Rose sure is cute, too.

Can't wait to hear the next round of dog stories...