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Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Positive Dog News

I didn't want to leave you folks thinking I was wallowing in all my negativity for the past few days. Things have been steadily improving, as I'd figured they would. I still feel a bit crowded--probably everyone in the house does to some extent, but as Lee pointed out to me, at least it is a crowd where everyone is doing their best to get along and treat each other politely.
And today, finally, the sun is shining!! So, here's a pretty, shiny sun.

The dogs have been doing a great job getting to know each other. It really warmed my heart to hear that little Rose picked up Gwynneth's favorite toy and took it over to her so they could play tug-of-war. And I have seen the two of them playing and playing--poor Gwynnie has not had a lot of "fun" since she lost her sight, so I will declare bringing the puppy over a "good move" no matter what negative little things happen.

Scrunchy adores Rose, too, and they chase each other and play, fight, and squabble for much of the day. The puppy slides all over the floor chasing him. And they are setting boundaries well. Scrunchy wanted to be the King, but I think the fact that Rose is actually already bigger than him has made a bit of an impression.

Of course, many of us human types are drawn to good ole Buddy, because he is calm, reasonable and easier to pet (I don't have to bend down to reach his gigantic head). He has been sleeping on the floor next to me at night, and as soon as I get used to his noises, I think that will be great.

I will try to get some good photos of all the dogs playing. It's really cute.

Rose, being 4 months old and all that, is getting into stuff, so I requested that she be crate trained. Lee gamely went out and bought a monster crate. It went incredibly poorly the first night, but once we brought the crate into my room (lovely decor item, but it does hold the spare pillows), she settled. Last night she was just great until time to wake up (the time we usually get up). She has started to try to dig up the carpet when no one is around, so we'll have to crate her when there's no one to supervise her from now on. It is just a good idea with puppies, and I know that crate training saved a lot of my house's stuff when Gwynnie and Scrunchy were young. (Of course they DID chew some stuff, and the carpet Rose dug up was started by Scrunchy--not insinuating I had perfect puppies, no no no.) Really, Rose is a lovely little dog (future big dog), and I would not want to get rid of her.

Everything else is pretty good. I have been a bit testy, but Lee has been sweet about it. All the Men have been helping out with shopping, the kids, and cleaning. Everything will be fine.

Thank you, by the way, for the supportive comments this week. They mean a lot to me.

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