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Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have been having a sour feeling after this week's political convention. As my friend Ricky said in his usual eloquence: "He's experienced already, you don't have to say it 8,000 times like we're STUPID!" But, that's the party's tried and true recipe: find a talking point and repeat it until people actually DO get sick. I have hear God, country, and experience so many times that I could easily never hear them again.

So, I thought I'd write about something else. But what? My sinuses? Yep, they have been a mess. It only took a bit over a decade for Austin to get into my head, but it did. But I got some Zyrtec stuff and feel marginally better. Whew. Sinus issues feel WEIRD.

To get my mind off politics stuff that has me in a "tizzy," (did you know Jesus was not American and he did not tell us to go out and worship a flag? I think some people don't know that) and all that, I decided to write about whatever word my finger hit on in a book. So, this post is about "copilot."

Of course, I have no god to be my copilot. I have Lee to be mine, I guess. It's good to be part of a team, even if we are both vaguely grumpy team members for the past week or so. Just too much stressful job, people, and money issues. But, that won't last forever. It is good to have someone to work with in life, to help you pilot your ship towards wherever it is you are going. Some of my friends are really, really good at going it alone. I never have been. But I have had some less than ideal copilots, too.

Yay for Lee for being a kind, understanding and helpful copilot. I hope he will help drive me out of my "what's the world coming to" despair and towards some other focus. Like how to carve a good life out with few options and limited resources.

I will try to be more up-beat tomorrow. A long bus ride to Belton awaits...

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