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Monday, September 8, 2008

Rest of the Weekend

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Well, other stuff happened over the weekend than the band trip! The happy sunflowers (a whole packet of seeds) tell you it really wasn't a bad one, even with the challenges.

While our power went out for many hours on Saturday, Lee, Beccano and I went to the Things Celtic store in central Austin, and there we found Lee a wedding ring. It's titanium, so we hope he can wear it with no bad reactions. I also ordered Beccano and Tuba Boy matching ties in their family tartan, which is County Meath, according to the giant book of Irish and Scottish tartans. Their grandmother is from County Meath, though their name came from their grandfather, who was from County Sligo. Anyway, that was fun. Then we went further south and shopped BRIEFLY at the yarn shop, and then a bit more in Beccano's favorite antique store. All in all, a nice time.

We came home, had Chinese food, and then I prepared for an evening of watching college football (the Gators from where I grew up and the team of the local college here, to which I only bear a somewhat huge grudge after that job thing). But, the middle of the first quarter the cable went out. And stayed out. I got to see the last few minutes of the Texas game.

But it's OK! We ended up doing music stuff and that was even more fun. We learned "One Tin Soldier" for a church service, and Bec did a great job on bass. Then he and Lee just rocked out for a while. It is so cool to see that my own son can follow a song just by watching Lee's fingers. He has really, really improved.

Sunday was fine. Lee and I went to church, then a meeting was canceled, so I got to go home and knit and watch MORE football. Then I realized that I had scheduled a rehearsal with Trey Bone for the EXACT time the Cowboys started. Woe is me. I thought they were the evening game. Wah. I did get to see the very end of it, though. Sigh.

Got to watch only one whole game, where the Manning of the Day had a bad time against Da Bears. Always loved those Bears, but I also love those Mannings...

I am really NOT the huge football fan this posts makes me out to be!!

Today I worked from home, and actually got stuff done, so that was good. Tomorrow is back to normal!

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