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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enough with the equipment failures!

I would like to send out a plea to the Goddess of Technology, whom I will call Dellia, to please stop afflicting our household with technological glitches. I am growing weary already! Some of this I have mentioned before, but I need to build to a climactic conclusion, for dramatic effect.

First, on Saturday the power was out most of the day. Just our neighborhood. Ruined Lee's ability to use his power tools to finish a project. So I had to come home from the knitting store to entertain the troops.

Then, Saturday night, my precious football viewing was ruined by cable outages. Which also meant no Internet. It prompted Beccano to come to me at 11 pm as I was preparing to go to sleep or read one of my many Lucky magazines and ask, "Mom, can we chat?" I realized he had really gotten hooked on his late night Internet.

On Saturday or Sunday, I forget which because it is to traumatic, my laptop (a cousin is pictured above) suddenly stopped being able to receive wireless in the media room. Where do I always use the laptop? That would be the MEDIA ROOM (yes, shouting). We did all sorts of troubleshooting off the website, tried whatever we could think of, but no, it has decided to be unable to find ANY wireless in the media room, even the neighbors who usually show up. All we can figure is that some Microsoft update or something has messed with the wireless somehow. We have no clue. But I am really frustrated because everyone else can get signal in that room, including Lee's new immense Gateway machine, which is also running Vista.

But wait, there's more. Last night as we were getting ready to go to sleep, Lee plugged his phone in to recharge. It went absolutely bonkers. Every light went off, including the flash for the camera, and it buzzed constantly. It would not stop. Pressing the reset button did nothing. It finally quit on its own after about ten minutes. When he tried to plug it in, or start it, I forget which, it went nuts again. Neither of us have ever seen such a thing before. After a not very helpful phone call to our carrier, he tried the phone again. He tried charging it a while. And lo and behold, a while back he called me on the phone. It is working again. I just hope it doesn't go loco on us in a public space or something!

So, in summary, please, let's stop with the technological issues for a while!

PS: Send healing vibes to a couple of injured friends--Kris hurt her wrist slipping on water in the basement, and teen friend Royce fell down stairs at school and hurt his back pretty badly.


nyjlm said...

oh man, I hope it stops! How annoying- esply about the computer.
I'm sure it was nuts, but the phone thing is kind of making me laugh, just thinking of it! Hope it behaves itself from now on!

Dragonfly said...

my best advice for weird phone problems... take the battery out for a couple minutes, put it back in. This has worked for the last couple phones I've had when they do wonky things.

Suna said...

Yeah, that worked last week when I dropped my Blackberry!