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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Updates, None Too Swell

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The flowers say it all. No one is feeling too great at our house, and I can only hope things improve. But, like I mentioned on Lee's blog today, I have been waiting for things to take a turn for the better since 2001. At least I have learned to really, really appreciate the good things that DO happen, and always, to appreciate my family.

Technology Update: Lee's phone did end up totally dying. It was not even a year old, but had been used pretty hard. He got a shiny new and trendy iPhone. If you're going to be a lemming, I guess, be a lemming for shiny new pieces of technology. At least he got a good deal, was able to add it on our family plan, and didn't have all the strings that were attached to those phones at first.

Job Update: Lee still doesn't have one. No one has decided. I'd hoped to hear back on my job nibble from week before last, but I guess not. I had a recruiter call yesterday, then he didn't even send me the job listing. Maybe Lee's book will get published. Or maybe we can both work at Home Depot together when this contract ends.

Bus update: I don't get to go on the nice long band trip this week. The school suddenly rescheduled the game for tomorrow (Thursday) and I'd have to leave work WAY early and then not get home until 2 am, making work the next day hard. I have to get in 40 hours every week until Lee has something. Plus, we have a rehearsal tomorrow for our Big Exciting Gig on the 23rd. Yeah, BB Rover's on a Tuesday. But, it's the best gig we ever got (we are just so mediocre!).

The good news is the bus kids don't seem to be in big trouble after all, and the kid we saw get arrested at the game turned out to be someone Tuba Boy knew who had done something not too smart, and he lived through the ordeal and after paying his dues at "the Rock" should be all right--maybe he will learn a lesson. You just hate to see poor kids learning hard lessons so early.

I am really depressed by the Presidential race. Really depressed by OPEC. Worried about jobs. Worried that Beccano won't do well in school this year (always in the back of my mind). Tonight is high school open house, which means, sigh, no choir for us. And no knitting fun (though I may sneak over for an hour or so, since I got to work at an ungodly early hour to chat with Europeans). Oh, things will be better. Or I will focus better on what is good and do what I can about the rest.

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