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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Wedding Planning

Pug Vision
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I try to write about something fun on Fridays, but with the Friday's Feast gone, I've been scrounging. At least here is a fun photo of Scrunchy looking like he's using Lee's laptop. We must be showing videos from "The Dog Wheeeesperer" on there, since that is his favorite show (when dogs start yapping on that show he runs in, cocking his little head like, "How did the dogs get in there?").

I figure this would be a cheerful entry: what do we still need to figure out or do for the wedding in two months? I'm sure you are dying to know how disorganized Suna and Lee can possibly be. Here is a list, which I may well add to or update. Suggestions are very welcome. And anyone who wants to volunteer to help with a task will win my undying affection if you don't already have it. If so, you will get bonus affection points.

  • Get dress: Katie and I are supposed to go look in New Braunfels tomorrow at what she says is a NICE place. It had better be, 'cause I will have to drive and not get any knitting done (hee hee).
  • Pay the down payment on the church and labyrinth!!! I keep forgetting to print the agreement and hand over the money.
  • Get a photo of me and Lee together not looking disheveled.
  • Go live on the E-Vite site and send it out to everyone we know via email. To do this, we need the photo mentioned above.
  • Write up a printed announcement that we can print on nice paper and mail to the few people who need it, and post in places like the church and my cubicle at work.
  • Figure out flowers: I am pretty sure I want gold and red. Roses are ideal, but I know lots of mums will be available in those colors too. Perhaps I could also have some squash. I like squash. I am hoping we can get lots of them at Sam's and arrange them ourselves on Friday not have to go to a florist. My hope is that my sister will help with this, too.
  • Figure out tables and such: I need to see how many tables are in the Common Ground building, where the reception will be, so I will know how many table cloths to get. I'd like cloth, but will probably end up with plastic, sigh. I know there are plenty of chairs in there, which we can arrange for folks who want to sit or listen to music.
  • Line up musicians: I have ordered sheet music and have a CD so I can get Bill to sing one song. I would like Jeff to sing another one, if he is willing to sing something he didn't write. If not, I will find someone else, I guess. I also hope Jeff will man the sound board at the reception. I may also ask Brenna to play something or sing.
  • Knit beaded fingerless gloves: because it might be cold. Make to match the shawl. This won't take but a couple of days.
  • Plan ceremony: This will happen when Linda, who is the officiant, gets back into town. We have talked about it.
  • Make sure Lee has a dark suit or whatever he wants to wear. And good shoes.
  • Make hair and nail appointment for MEEEE. I will see if I like my nails long or cut them off. I am now wishing I had not cut my hair quite so short (it looks "matronly" to me now), but will at least get it colored and maybe highlighted.
  • Get candles, plates, napkins, forks, cups and all that. It would be nice to get red and yellow ones.
  • Contact cake makers: Hoping to have a bride and groom cake, one by
  • Get wine. From Texas.
  • Think of some kind of little favor to give out. At least plan a program.
  • Get a guest book and find someone to bug people about signing it.
  • Order barbecue, once we have an idea of how many people will be there.
  • NEW! Ask photographers if they'd like to do the wedding--hoping to get it as a gift, if possible. Thanks to Anne for that reminder!

Things That Are Done

  • I have rings, and the wedding band is NOT lost.
  • We have ordered a ring for Lee.
  • I ordered clan ties for the kids' paternal line and they are in at Things Celtic. This is their gift from me.
  • I knitted a wedding shawl for me.
  • We have booked the room.
  • We have selected the officiant and planned a time to put together the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

Sue Ann,
Yes - we are still on for tomorrow. What time do you want to go? The shop is open 9:30-4.

Tina said...

- Get candles, plates, napkins, forks, cups and all that. It would be nice to get red and yellow ones.

I'd be willing to help you out with that part. We got our stuff from ARNE's in Houston (, but I'm sure there's somewhere good here in Austin. Sam's or Costco might also have something.

- Contact cake makers: Hoping to have a bride and groom cake, one by

If you liked our cakes, we have the done by Cakes By Yvette ( She's super nice, we loved working with her, and the cakes were very tasty. If you email her and she has the weekend of the wedding free (she only does one wedding a weekend) you can schedule a tasting, and I'd be happy to go with ya'll on that.(cakes...yum...)