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Friday, September 12, 2008

Stormy Weather

We're getting ready for the edge of Hurricane Ike to come through tomorrow. It appears we will mostly get some high winds and only a little rain. Sigh. We need rain. Of course, we do not need mass destruction, so it would be better to not have this thing coming! I am thinking of everyone in south Texas!

Here the traffic is bad and hotels are full, but that is about it. One good thing is that the football game in Bryan was canceled. None of the band members were looking forward to having to deal with the game being moved to Thursday, since they would have had to leave early and miss school, then get in at close to 2 am, having to be in school the next morning! And school gets out at 2 here, too, so as to help with the traffic issues.

As I told the family, it's a good thing we have books and acoustic instruments, so we can have fun even if we lose power tomorrow. And I will get a LOT of knitting done if we have to stay in due to the wind!

It's been a busy couple of days, anyway, and things are a bit better. Lee and I enjoyed the open house at the high school. The boys' schedules were conveniently staggered to where I got to see all of Beccano's teachers and all but two of Tuba Boy's (Lee met those). Since I didn't need to see the band directors or debate teacher, it all worked out. Both boys are taking very interesting science classes--I'd take either one! Tuba Boyhas an ocean science class, and Beccano has one called Principles of Technology, which is actually a physics class but with real-world examples. It looks fascinating, and the teacher sounds like a great guy. There is a lot of algebra in the course, but he says he helps the kids who need it. This is JUST what Beccano needs! He will really be ready for Algebra II next year.

Last night we rehearsed for a couple of upcoming things. Lee, Beccano and I have worked out some songs to do at church week before next, and Beccano is playing bass. I am so impressed with him. And, um, I even wrote a song. And I played it for Austin and Bill. Austin even said it was good! It is sort of a hymn, called "Warrior for Peace." Very simple. But, it has a point.

The other thing we rehearsed for was yet another gig at BB Rovers, but this time we have 45 minutes to an hour. It's Tuesday, September 23 at 8 pm. This means you, Tina. We'll see if we do better singing outside on unfamiliar equipment surrounded by smokers. Heh. Some of our songs sound real good, though, if we can only reproduce that with people around! All are invited, if you are willing to be kind to our not-really-professional selves.

The rehearsing really helped take my mind off things, which was good. I realized, after my sad little post last time, that I still have some issues with 9/11. I probably have a wee bit of post traumatic stress syndrome. It was surely the worst ordeal I ever had to deal with, and the most frightened I have ever been. I sure missed the kids. They assure me they didn't realize what a big deal it was.That is good, I guess.

Yesterday was a good day for Lee, too. He got a whole bunch of action on three different jobs! We are really hoping the job search ordeal will finally be over, and soon.

Well, I will go finish working. I worked extra Wednesday and Thursday, in anticipation of wanting to get off early today. Luckily we were asked to work from home if we could, so that is what I am doing. My computer magically started working correctly again, so I was able to use its screen and my work computer screen to work more efficiently than I can with just the small laptop screen.

I will try to post how we are doing by tomorrow night, if we have Internet and power. If not, I am sure we will be OK--we are on the "dry" side of the storm. To all my local friends: stay dry!

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Tina said...

Are you guys playing AT 8pm, or is there maybe another band first?

I get off at 9pm, and if I go straight there after work, I could get there by 9:15-9:30. Let me know if you'll still be there at that time, playing or not, and I'll come by.