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Monday, September 1, 2008

Why I am Tired

Visitor Girl
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I am not really rested this weekend, though I think doing some work will rest me up (that's my plan for the rest of the day: earn some money, cause contractors don't get paid holidays). The photo you see is one reason. We had this charming child (really, she WAS cute), her sister with some behavior issues, her two parents AND her ancient neurotic dog visiting from last night until this morning. I am so obviously not used to nonstop talking 7- and 10-year-olds, nor of dealing with the aftermaths of one's partner drinking too much. I need to learn that when people are coming you HAVE to have breakfast options available, but since we never have anything but coffee, I am always thrown on the first day, "What, you don't have milk?" (nope, we only have fat-free half and half). "I am used to eating as soon as I get up" (well, if you'd told me that, I would have gone off and gotten something at the grocery store as soon as you all got up, about two hours earlier than I had planned to get up). It really was a fine visit, and it was good to meet Lee's high school friend and his family. Lots of time to chat and a good meal was had! I think I need to be more flexible. I get myself sorta ready for what I am expecting (in this case, a couple and one child), and then I have a hard time when it turns out there are two children and a dog--I worry someone will get hurt, break something, or not get their needs met, if I am not prepared. I will try to learn to relax.

It's been a busy weekend otherwise, too. The high school football game on Friday was fun, but we had a rainstorm that delayed it a bit. The bus was full of very jumpy friends of Beccano, who really cracked me and Lee up, but they definitely required a bit of supervision. The game was really good--even though, as usual, this school doesn't have a competent kicker, they creamed a nice bunch of large kids from College Station. They drove a LONG way to get roundly defeated (and they had an amazing kicker). Their poor band didn't make it until halfway through the second period, so they just marched, sat for a dismal half of football, and then went on a long road home.We greatly enjoyed the ride home with the kids, but when we got home, Buddy wasn't home--he had broken down our gate during the storm and hobbled off (I can't say "ran" off). Lee wrote more about it in his blog, so feel free to read it there. I was SO worried we'd lose him or that he had injured himself. I am glad he is back.

Saturday, after some fun knitting time, we had a fun time roaming through pawn shops so Beccano could look at guitars, amps and such. I ended up buying a ruby and diamond ring. Not a guitar part, I know. But, it was what I was looking for. The rubies are maybe rhodolite garnets, since they are a bit purple-y, but I still like them, and I got a pretty good deal for a ring with gold and diamonds.

After that excitement, we took Jeff out for a belated birthday dinner. We'd planned to eat at Chuy's, but it was an hour wait. We ended up at the neighborhood Mesa Rosa, and Jeff loved the fish tacos. (I love them, too.) We ate there again with Lee's friends, but that's OK--there is plenty of yummy food at that restaurant! And it is rarely too crowded. We all had a good chat with Jeff, so it was a good Saturday.

All in all, it's been a good weekend. I am, I think, just whiny because I have been having really bad allergies. I plan to go get some allergy medicine! I promise!

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Lee said...

I really like the ring. Glad you got it. I’m also glad you had some fun with my friends.