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Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Is Coming

It's in the air--fall is coming. It hasn't been over a hundred degrees in a couple of weeks, and it's even rained a little bit. The sunflowers we planted in midsummer have started to bloom, to Beccano's delight. And school has started--the first football game is tonight, so get ready for more of my "exciting" high school marching band and football reports.

We had a delicious steak dinner last night (tender and perfectly cooked by Lee), and enjoyed hearing about the kids' classes and school adventures. Nothing made my heart swell more than hearing Tuba Boy wax enthusiastic about how great his English teacher is. I have such wonderful memories of my tanned, wrinkled, chain-smoking 12th grade English teacher, Mrs. Chisholm (or Miz Chiz as we called her). I am hoping Tuba Boy has an opportunity to learn, think and stretch with a supportive mentor like we did.

Everything else is good. My dad called last night, mainly to prepare me for the fact that he might not make it to our wedding. Sigh. Well, there will be someone there, I know, because my sister has already booked a hotel and rental car, and we haven't even sent out invitations yet.

I am going to talk to a guy about a job today, informally. I don't even know if I applied for it, but it sounds like a good match, and I am only looking into really good matches right now--I like where I am fine for now! I just wish it weren't for only 8 more months! Lee has a great interview next week, so my fingers are in perpetual crossed mode for that!

And in other fall events, I enjoyed the convention coverage this week. There sure were some moving speeches and little films. I got weepy a lot. I feel like I fit in as an American after listening to Obama, and I haven't felt that way in a long time. It is like there is a chance the country MIGHT turn into something we could all be proud of, and live comfortably in again. Like maybe I could get insurance, we could get jobs that were stable, and everyone could not be so reliant on foreign oil. It's been a long time since I felt that way. I liked the focus on the positive and the respect shown to the other candidate, even when criticizing him. I don't expect to see much of that next week, but it would be fine with me to be pleasantly surprised by the Republicans engaging in their own convention by focusing on their positives and being respectful in their criticism.

I guess I am allowed to talk about my political views. It is, after all, my blog, right? Bloggers are supposed to talk about their opinions. All views are welcome here, though.

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