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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Something to Do on a Sunday Night

Hey, if you live near north Austin and aren't watching the finale of Design Star, or the Olympics or something, and perhaps are thirsty for beer, you might want to head down to BB Rover's and check out their open mic night. My friends and I will be playing there at some point, probably fairly early in the evening (8-ish?). If you want to see Lee's new bass in person, it's your big chance. I'm hoping the guys don't get nerved out and do all the songs super-fast, as they have done in the past. Otherwise, I look forward to it. We do folk-y stuff with lots of harmonies. And we are OK, not rock-star great (well, Lee's bass playing is great).

BB's is at:
12636 Research Blvd # B101
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 335-9504

We're supposed to have another booking there some Tuesday in the fairly near future. I hope so, because we are only doing a few songs with Austin on keyboard tonight, and I like a lot of the songs he plays guitar on better.

And speaking of music, I got Beccano a starter mandolin yesterday. Danny Rae's, where we get our music stuff and where his lessons are, has the Fender beginner kit for less than anywhere else in town, and he really misses having a mandolin around the house (it was his first stringed instrument, but Jeff sold his, so he had to stop learning). I'm enjoying listening to him pick out songs and realize he can't play it the same as the guitar, LOL. And we listened to a really good John Fogerty DVD last night. That man still has incredible energy.

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Tina said...

Oooo, that's right in my neighborhood. And I don't work today! I'll see if I can make it (and hopefully Jared will let me spend some of our money on a beer, it's pretty tight this week) - I should be able to be there!