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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun and Less Fun

Beccano and Pals
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It's been a good weekend with lots of knitting and Olympic watching. Friday evening was full, but really nice. We went to the annual "watermelon social," which is where the high school band shows off what it has learned after its first week of band camp. It's very exciting for parents of freshmen! I'm not a parent of a freshman any more, so I mainly used it as a chance to catch up with other band parents. But, here's Beccano grinning because he and his friends were tired of their doting parents. His "pit" crew has special t-shirts, which was a nice thing for the kid in charge to do for them. All the tubas wore hats and sunglasses--Tuba Boy had a lovely pink hat he borrowed from someone.

We mostly hoped the darned thing would end soon, since we'd planned to go listen to Danny Santos play at Artz, joined by Jeff and our friend Eddie. Funny enough, I only do three websites any more, and all three of them were in the band. We did get to see the second set, and it was very enjoyable--I forgot I was watching my friends and just enjoyed the music for much of the time. It helped that Danny, world's most "frugal" musician, even bought me a beer to thank me for fixing up his website.

And Saturday was a fine day. I got my knitting student going on knitting, helped a lady who was SURE her sweater wasn't knitting up right (turned out she WAS right--the sweater knits backward!). Then, my friends Suzanne, Deana and I went to check out yet another bead store in town. Deana got some nice beads for a shawl--I do love picking things like that out. She's going to teach me some beading techniques, too.

After the fun time at the bead shop, I noticed there is a bridal store in that shopping center. I suggested we go look around, since I actually had friends who could help me look at dresses. Well, we did go in, and we even found a couple of nice dresses. But, no one even looked at us. All the ladies were fawning over a young thing trying on white dresses. We asked for a dressing room and were shown a room that smelled like poop. Lovely. So I tried things on REAL fast. As we left, some lounging employee said, "Thanks for coming by," and Suzanne retorted, as we exited, something like, "No need to thank us, since no one waited on us." Guess I will find somewhere else to get a dress.

I realize I was looking at items under $300, not items around $3,000, but a sale's a sale. And brides who are older deserve to be treated like brides, too. Sigh.

I'm getting myself some pampering, though. Those two and I (known as a Mormon, a Methodist and a Unitarian) are going to go rent a little weekend house in Fredericksburg and have some fun next weekend. It's the last free weekend before school starts. I hope we can shop, eat some food, and do some crafts. It is nice of Lee to let me go do that. But, I am hoping to heck we can take our own nice vacation or get a wonderful getaway for our honeymoon!

Today I did another knitting thing--I think I may be going overboard in the hanging out with folks dept., but it is making me feel a lot better to be around supportive folks. There's lots of adversity going on among people I know--and I want to be able to be there for them, as they are for me right now.

I did spend some time with Lee and the boys today. We went to the bookstore, where I brilliantly forgot the names of BOTH books I wanted to read. I got Beccano a cool book about guitars, which I think we will all enjoy.

OK, back to real life. I'll write more! You know that.

PS: Thanks to Dragonfly for the nice comments on the last few posts. I appreciate them.


Dragonfly said...

aw, I'm sorry the dress shopping was so not fun. I've never been but if I ever get remarried and get a dress this time, I want it to be just as enjoyable in my mid-life as it should have been in my 20's and as it should be for you.

Des said...

I wish they had given you service at the bridal salon! I worked at a bridal salon in Queen, NY for a few years and it was the most fun and satisfying job I ever had, except of course for my doula work.
Now that I need so much less time for volunteer work, I'm thinking of getting a part-time job as a barista.