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Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun Music Night

ELAB on Stage
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Hey, thanks to everyone who came by BB Rover's last night or thought of it. We got through out performance without any huge mistakes, but were somewhat dismayed when we realized we'd have to perform outdoors. Our friends roasted a bit, but we had lots of lovely water, and we made it! It was nice that lots of friends from church showed up, plus a whole bunch of their teen kids and their friends. I am not sure WHY they came to a folkie open night, but it was nice. We did drag Beccano along, but he got to leave as soon as his brother got off work (he did say we sounded good, which was nice). Since Austin's keyboard really doesn't make enough sound (it lost one speaker), we had to bring both bass amps. That's lots of heavy lifting. It is surprising how nice the piano sounds in Lee's newer amp.

Lee and I, along with our friends Karen and Scott, stuck around through a bunch of other acts. It was a real mixed bag, as you'd expect, but there were a couple of very pleasant surprises. There was a duo of rather young, clean-cut fellows wearing red shirts and khaki shorts. One had a guitar and one a bass. Well, they were a bit quiet, but their harmonies were delicately lovely, and the music a neat jazz/rock mix. I talked to them for a minute after they were finished, and they said it was their first public performance. What a treat! After some more nutty and/or loud groups (many of which seemed to be related to the quirkily enthusiastic autoharp/harmonica player who helps run the show, there was another very pleasant surprise. A guy named Dave Ransom (I think) came up and played some mind-boggling guitar (using techniques I had never seen before--a lot like some of those folk prodigies we used to see at the Live Oak Coffeehouse). He then sang a couple of songs, and we were all favorably impressed with his range and technique. He is new to town, but should go far--he was far and away the most professional person there. Here is a bit more on him.

Anyway, the reason we were waiting around was that Lee signed up to do some songs on his own. That's him in the dim picture! He did three of his own songs, and by the end was really sounding wonderful (weird microphone issues messed up the first song a little). I was really proud of him--it takes a lot of bravery to stand up and do your own stuff. I hope he does more. If I were still doing grateful Monday, it would surely be gratitude for the chance to have interesting musical experiences.

That's the report on that! There isn't much else to report, so I will save some energy for another post tomorrow.

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